Pallet crafts: what industrial furniture can I make with free wood?

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Ruby asks:

My husband runs a print factory and as such, we have a heck of a lot of pallets lying around that the paper is delivered on. Currently we pay someone to take these away and recycle them but I was wondering if you (or any of your awesome readers) had any ideas of ways I could turn them into cool and functional pieces of furniture for our home? I’d love it if I could make something from this by-product of my husbands trade.

Ooh! Ooh! I got it! Did you know there’s a whole group of projects out there called Pallet Crafts? TRUTH. Readymade magazine features a couple projects a year. On my docket for this summer: building a set of patio furniture using these plans. They cost ten pounds a piece to download, but there are free chair plans out there, too. And oh, hello, palette compost bin!

What else you got, Homies? Art? A display rack? How would you use free palettes?

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  1. I have made a hutch and a wine rack from old pallets so far. I love them! Not a project for people that are afraid to use a little elbow greese. A lot of projects require you to break the pallets down and it takes time considering you have to pull 8 nails per board. This isnt something I would do if I didnt want the rough rustic appearance. I would just buy wood if I wanted it to look perfect, but I find beauty in the inperfections.

  2. We used pallets as the sub-floor to our shed, skin it with ply-wood and you are off to the races!


    A guy I know who has a farm just out of town fenced in his front lawn with a zig-zag of whole pallets.

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