The happiest dog ever, a studio cat, and a gecko: Adorable photos of your offbeat pets!

Updated Nov 7 2016
Thanks to willswench for submitting her photo of Washburne.
Thanks to willswench for submitting her photo of Washburne.

I asked you guys to share photos and videos of your offbeat pets, AND YOU DID! So many pets. So let's get going with a look at who you guys are snuggling at home. I'll start with my brand new pet news…

Yup, we adopted a senior rescue dog, and Pita the chillhuahua is already making me fall in love. Now let's virtually cuddle your beasts…

Grimalkin - The Mad Scientist's Assistant
Evita shows off her studio cat. I love a good studio cat.
This is Guajira, a crested gecko. He belongs to Lizard Whisperer, and is just one of her reptiles.

rudolph the red nosed rabbit? Nope, just Lord Picklesmith enjoying a hat
Willswench has a petting zoo: three dogs, three cats, and Lord Picklesmith, the bunny who likes hats and thinks he's a dog.

I am Thurman. I am a dog. I want you to throw the ball but will not give the ball to you.

Patio Turkeys
Dog Island's famous free range patio turkeys!

Got something to share? See your options on our Submissions page. And feel free to include links to your adorable pets in the comments as well.

  1. Heirloom guilt is an interesting concept. I have a house full of heirlooms (which gives me minor panic attacks when I think of the "what would I grab in a fire" question), but none of them are sitting in storage to never be used! Okay, so my great grandmother's china is only used one week out of the year, but its still used every year. My son actually slept in my great grandparent's cradle, my mother turned my grandmother's table linens into fancy pillows for me and my cousins, I keep candy in the dish from my another great grandmother, and I nurse my son in the rocking chair of a third. I love that so many things in my house have a story, but I've never supported the idea of having things that are never used. Then their story is over as surely as if they were thrown away.

  2. Awe…That's my Ozzy cat there in the trash can…He is 8 months old now and much much bigger. As a matter of fact he was neutered today and is not currently speaking to me. I should show him this picture to remind him of better days! Thanks so much for featuring him. He was rescued from the home of an animal hoarder and his parents were feral.

  3. That is my bunny/reindeer/jackalope. His name is lord pickelsmith, and he plays fetch. He also plays tag with that smiling mutt at the top of the page. It's like noah's ark at our house : )

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