The most amazing desk I've ever seen looks like the Little Mermaid's work station

Updated Oct 12 2015

While walking home from brunch, my friend Drew (of wheat allergy questions fame) and I stumbled upon a nursery that I've always wanted to explore. So we took a detour and started wandering amongst the funky plants and trees for sale. Then we stumbled upon the coolest desk I've ever seen…

little mermaid desk

Doesn't it look like an office desk the Little Mermaid would use?

It was basically a big 'ol slab of wood, with moss-like plants growing on the front. It was also decorated with giant shells to hide all the office ugliness, like phones and paper work (off to the right).

I'm not sure how one would re-create this in their own work space, but I'm just saying… if you do recreate it, can I come work there?

Anyone else have unique desk situations? Whatchu working with… er… on?

  1. So cool!! I've seen tables and desks with that natural slab of wood on top, it wouldn't be any more trouble to glue fake moss up the front of such furniture and decorate with pretty shells and such on top. You could use the beach sea shell themed bathroom decor on your desk for function + decor. Toothbrush holder = Pencil cup. Soap dish = paper clip holder. I could see it being done & it would be awesome!

  2. I need this in my life. If I manage to turn my hobby of writing into a career (as is my want), I'm totally doing this.

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