Mark Poulin makes jewelry for nerds and animal-lovers

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Meet the quadrapus earrings! Ariel loves them so, she's been wearing these every day for a week.
Meet the quadrapus earrings! Ariel loves them so, she’s been wearing these every day for a week.
Y’all get ready to do SQUEEing and AWWWWing over Offbeat Home & Life sponsor Mark Poulin‘s quirky and cute jewelry.

Artist Mark Poulin combines his love of creating cartoons with his passion for metalwork to create a wide range of animal-inspired necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. And all of it is handmade in Oakland, California.

From octopodes (or quadrapodes?), dogs and cats to sloths and dinosaurs… these pieces are guaranteed to be the cutest damn things you will see today.

Ready to take the “I dare you not to say AWWWWW, while you check out this jewelry” challenge? Ready… go!


The Little Sloth Necklace is one of Mark Poulin’s most popular jewelry designs — hand-cast in sterling silver from an original wax model based on Mark’s drawings. (Just ask Kristin Bell, sloths are the new cats!)


Mother’s Day is coming up! The Sock Monkey Mother-Daughter Set is the perfect gift for your mom.  Adorable “mother” and “daughter” versions of the same charm, these are also hand cast in sterling silver.

il_570xN.442001819_lm7jWho loves platypuses? Mark Poulin does! And you do too! This pewter charm has also been hand-cast based on Mark’s original (freaking adorable-ass) platypus drawing.


MarmarSuperstar Magnetic Necklace Sets include a hand cast original pewter bezel and three interchangeable magnets with a 30″ silvertone ball chain included.  Switch out the magnets with any of Mark Poulin’s over 300 magnet designs. And necklace sets come in a cute tin — perfect for gift-giving! This set has three different dinosaurs. Therefore, this set is my personal favorite.


Magnetic necklace sets are actually pretty nifty for you nerdy-types. This science-themed set has a friendly molecule and a microscope, plus your own “scientist in training” badge to wear proudly in chemistry lab.

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: For today until April 12, 2013 save 10% in either of Mark Poulin’s Etsy stores — and — by using the code OFFBEATHOME at checkout.

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts, birthday presents, something for your wedding party, or just something adorable for yourself… Mark Poulin’s creations are bound to do the job. Click here to eenter a magical and adorable world of jewelry!

Seattleites, come to our party for the chance to win some of this adorableness!

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  1. I just love that he uses the name MarMar because that’s what my son used to call his soon-to-be stepdad when he was little because he couldn’t say his full name. 🙂

    The jewelry is adorable too though! Where do we enter the discount code? When I try to check out, there is no option, other than including a message with my order.

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