A design company in Dogpatch gives the neighborhood something to stand behind with their new emblem

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San Francisco neighborhood Dogpatch now has a wearable emblem of ‘hood pride, thanks to apparently-awesome design company Triple Aught Design. The crew designed an embroidered emblem, AND also a rubberized one and, oh — they both just so happen to fit on designated places of the jackets Triple Aught makes. Cooool.

They have a number of other patches and pouches and clips and knives available as well. Thanks to NotCot for the original link.

I’d love to see a trend of hip young neighborhoods taking up an emblem to promote community pride. Our neighborhood has a lame name, so I’d have to rename it and then make a patch. Maybe a piping hot loaf of bread, for all our Italian families, groceries, and restaurants.

If your neighborhood had a seal, what would it be?

Comments on A design company in Dogpatch gives the neighborhood something to stand behind with their new emblem

  1. *sigh* probably something involving the rebel flag unfortunately…they’re still a bit hung up on the civil war in this area. Now I think of it, it would also probably involve a cross, or possibly a “Buddy Jesus” (see Dogma). Ok, that would be pretty funny: a Buddy Jesus in front of a rebel flag, I have cracked myself…somebody, please get me out of the South….

  2. I live in the Wiles Hill-Highland Park neighborhood of Morgantown WV (Home of WVU) We are the last hold out of non-students within walking distance to the University (and subsequently all other amenities) Our emblem would probably be a guy picking up beer cans shaking his fist at students…

  3. A lot of the neighborhoods in Atlanta have a symbol that residents display typically on either flags or wood signs attached to their houses or mailboxes. The symbols or imagery used ranges from a butterfly to a train.

  4. I’m not sure about my neighborhood; it’s split kinda evenly between high-density housing filled with a mix of young white couples, aging hippies, and Latino and black families, and big McMansion-type sprawlers that are almost exclusively owned by white middle-aged families. There’s not a whole lot of interaction between the two segments, from what I can tell.

  5. My neighborhood is full of small houses that were built for the men working in the nearby weapons plant to use. Apparently the neighborhood use to be called Dive Bomber Ally. I would love for people started referring to it by that name again. I’ll get started on the flag.

  6. I live in SF in a Latino area sort of in between the Mission and Bernal Heights. People have been trying to rep and come up with names for this ‘hood for quite awhile… my favorites are SoCha (south of Chavez st.) and La Lengua (’cause it’s shaped like a tongue!) It’s the best, and our emblem should totally be a motherfucking pupusa, seeing as how our pupusas rule. Also, yay Dogpatch! 🙂

    • Now you got me wanting to go down to the mission and get a pupusa! Yum!
      I live in Pacifica, and all I can think of for an emblem is a surfer sadly waiting for a good wave! haha

  7. Is anyone else having songs from Li’l Abner running through their heads right now?

    Anyway. I grew up in a little town called Kinderhook. It means “children’s corner”, but we liked to introduce ourselves as “Kinderhookers”. That sort of thing on a patch might offend, though…

  8. I live in a neighbourhood called East Van, and we actually do have that here, complete with a clothing line. Check it: http://www.welcometoeastvan.com/

    It’s based on this symbol: http://lynhart.com/_media/Images/Van%20East%20Cross.jpg

    Originally it was a gang symbol, which was revived as a public art installation during the Vancouver Olympics. The installation itself is huge, so it’s understandable how it’s become such a dominant visual indication of the neighbourhood. See here: http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqz9paXPx91qbwcvao1_500.jpg

  9. While most of Northern Wisconsin is pretty liberal, my little patch of “neighborhood” is very conservative. There’s almost that southern rebel flag attitude here in the great North…. I think my logo for up here would be a red dot, surrounded in blue with someone holding a beer and shooting a deer.

  10. Yeah I don’t think the bedroom city I am submitted (stuck in) to due to university has real communities.
    But if I made one for my farm (home base) it would have to have our former cattle brand (we don’t brand any more) over a background of the rolling hills behind grandma’s house.

    (God I miss my farm!)

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