Use nail polish to color code your keys

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Take any nail polish, apply two coats, and you’re done. That’s how easy this DIY project is. Remove with nail polish remover, and you can start all over with new colors. It’s definitely cheaper than buying key covers for all of the members of your household and much easier to personalize.

Glitterphiles can have their own set too.

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Comments on Use nail polish to color code your keys

  1. Nail polish is useful for labeling all kinds of things. I’ve used it for marking which electric toothbrush is mine (not the part you stick in your mouth, natch) and as I wear the letters off my keyboard I use different colors of nail polish to label the keys I get mixed up. (The u/i pairing was killing me until then).

  2. I have known two scientists so far who have painted all of their tools with pink nail polish so people would stop “borrowing” their lab supplies and not returning them. They claim it works!

  3. I did this as a kid once when my dad left for work and forgot to let the dog out of his workshop. Mom and I spent an hour going through all his keys trying to figure out which was the right one. After that, we marked it with red polish so we wouldn’t have to look again.

  4. This is a basket moment for me, too. I actually have it on my to-do list to buy those little key cover things. How did I not think of nail polish??

  5. I totally did this with all my dorm keys while in college. They were all the same shape and color, they were easy to mix up!

    Added bonus for hackers: key shops won’t be able to read the “Do Not Duplicate” print on the key once the polish is on, so you will be able to copy them.

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