An interview with Adele, the mother behind “Mila’s Daydreams”

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In January 2012, Harper Collins published Adele’s book called “When My Baby Dreams,” filled of the pictures from Mila’s Daydreams! You can purchase the book on Amazon.

Ariel discovered Adele’s website Mila’s Daydreams last week, and immediately knew that we had to have an interview with Adele! The premise of the blog is deliciously simple yet unbelievably brilliant–every day while her daughter Mila naps, Adele tries to imagine what Mila’s dreams are like. Then, she helps bring them into the non-dream world and captures it with her camera.

What inspired you to start this wonderful project?
Well, I guess almost all new parents go crazy with the first child photos. The baby is so amazing, even when she sleeps most of the time, that you want to capture all your memories. Once Mila fell asleep on the floor and my husband placed conductor’s baton on her hand — she looked like little fencer. So I got the original idea from my hubby. The next day when she fell a sleep, I built a little forest with pillows and blankets over our living room rug and gently carried her to the middle of it, and snapped quick photos.

You’re on maternity leave from a career in advertising. Do you feel like your creative work in advertising expresses itself through your wonderful photos?
Well, yes and no. Advertising is not really your own art and you don’t express yourself through it, but you might fall in love with your ideas like in art. Sometimes advertising becomes art when it’s good, but the focus should be still in your client’s message. Of course being around creative and talented people and following what goes on in advertising may give you ideas, but as far as I can tell, you can be truly creative person even if you work as a banker or cleaning lady.

In Daydream photos, I just adore my child — I don’t think target groups or results. BUT I must say that I love to do advertising that matters. I have done child rights related campaigns for UNICEF Finland.

Tell me about your process of creating one of Mila’s daydreams.
Usually I get idea from her clothes. While I’m dressing her normally in the morning, I start to create a set in my mind. Today I was inspired by her AC/DC shirt and decided to make her look like a rock star on a gig. After long breakfast and some quality time with her dad and I, she fell a sleep again.

Then I quickly arranged the set and put her middle of it. The Microphone was tricky, but then I remembered that many “shower singers” sing in their hair brushes. 😀 It took about 3 minutes, and I was ready to upload the photo.

Does Mila ever wake up when you’re posing her?
Sometimes. Then I take her out of the set and continue my normal daily routines with her. The set can wait on the floor or I can build it again another day. There are also a few pics where she is waking up and stretching, still eyes closed and in one pic her eyes open, because this summer in Finland was very hot, and she didn’t sleep so well.

What does your partner think?
My husband loves these pictures and is always very supportive for any creative and funny activity that might be going on in our home. We are both creative people (he’s a composer) and understand how important it is to play with your imagination, even for a few minutes.

Anything else you’d like to share with my readers?
Like all the other mothers, most of my day I take care of my baby and her needs and when there’s a “spare time,” I wash lot of tiny laundry, make food and try to keep our home clean. But it’s all so much more fun when you can create something funny in your head. I hope this inspires other mothers find something fun and satisfying in their day too!

Want to see more of Mila’s Daydreams?


Harper Collins has now published Adele’s book called “When My Baby Dreams,” filled of the pictures from Mila’s Daydreams!

You can purchase the book on Amazon.

(It makes the best baby shower gift evar!)

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    My cousin actually just sent me the link to her blog a few days ago, and I was totally planning on sending it here today, but to my surprise….!

    The idea is so simple, yet it’s the most unique idea for baby pictures that I’ve ever seen! I can see Mamas all over stealing this idea and having fun at nap time!

  2. Im kicking myself for not doing something like this when my kid was still sleeping most of the time and would actually hold still for a whole second.

  3. These are amazing Adele.
    On the third photo with the two teddy bears, where did you get the one on the right? I have the exact same one! Are they still making them, or is he old, too (the tag on mine says 1989)?

  4. I totally love this and I would love to do this with my baby boy, but i dont feel that i have the creative mind to think up things like this. Maybe I will be able to because it is wonderful.

  5. I LOVE these. Now I want to either a) travel back in time and set up photographs of my son, or b) have another baby. Option A is probably more realistic. 😉

    Beautifully creative work!!

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