Defying gender binaries with Alok Vaid-Menon — a gender non-conforming writer, performer, & fashion icon

Alok feels that the concepts of masculinity and femininity shouldn't have relevance in this day and age. "We need to be much more colorful, expansive, and precise about what we mean rather than defaulting into ideological catchalls that do more harm than good," he tells me.

Being that Alok is a person of color, I wonder if they feel that ethnicity/race ties into the equation in a meaningful way. Their reply is so profound that I'm still sort of reeling from it…

The Placenta Lady talks placenta encapsulation and more + PROMO for Offbeat Mama readers!

While we've featured photos of the encapsulation process, I'm sure quite a few people are still a little unsure of what exactly's going on here. I think experts can explain what they do best, so I interviewed Jodi. We talked about encapsulation, certification and training (do YOU want to learn to encapsulate placenta?), and a handy new feature on her site where you can get all of your post-partum life-related questions answered.