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An interview with writer/performer/fashion maven Travis Alabanza

Travis Alabanza is a London-based performance artist, writer, and fashion gurl. Released in 2017, Travis’ stunning chap book, Before I Step Outside (You Love Me) documents the experience of navigating public space as a trans person. Let’s hear what motivates Travis in fashion, writing, and performance…

Defying gender binaries with Alok Vaid-Menon — a gender non-conforming writer, performer, & fashion icon

Alok feels that the concepts of masculinity and femininity shouldn’t have relevance in this day and age. “We need to be much more colorful, expansive, and precise about what we mean rather than defaulting into ideological catchalls that do more harm than good,” he tells me.

Being that Alok is a person of color, I wonder if they feel that ethnicity/race ties into the equation in a meaningful way. Their reply is so profound that I’m still sort of reeling from it…

Stomping out transmysogynoir: An interview with badass black trans femme Brielle Nicole

To understand the transgender/queer experience more (and learn how I can help to be more of an ally!), I reached out to badass black, trans femme Brielle Nicole for an interview.

She’s a millennial living in New York City, and she was kind enough to talk with me about how she stays strong in a world that politicizes her very existence…

An interview with Emily, the mom behind Arthur Recreates

Internet, get ready to fall in love with Arthur and his mom, writer Emiley Cleaver. Emily started the website Arthur Recreates Scenes from Classic Movies earlier this year, and it’s rapidly taking the digital world by storm. I asked her a few questions about the site and her son, and here’s what she had to say!

You’re Doing it Right: what 18 years of weird parenting looks like

My good friend Alexander and his wife Nicole just celebrated the graduation of their oldest daughter from high school. I wanted to know what their tricks and tools for raising such stellar kids were, and what I can learn from their experiences. The following is an interview with Alexander.

Post-It Notes: an interview with the stay-at-home dad behind “Message With A Bottle”

Chris Illuminati, the stay-at-home dad behind Message With a Bottle, uses Post-It notes to remind himself of the joys and pitfalls of parenting.

Interview with Eden & Alice of Let’s Panic About Babies

Eden Kennedy and Alice Bradley have both been mommybloggers since before the term existed. The two co-founded the hilarious Let’s Panic About Babies! in 2008, and have been mocking fear-based baby culture ever since.

An interview with Viviana of Mamás y Bebés

Viviana is the woman behind the super awesome Spanish-language website Mamás y Bebés. In this interview we talk babies and compare/contrast North American and Central & South American parenting styles.