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How the Wall Street Journal took a giant dump on women

You’ve heard about blogging conferences and events, right? Basically, a huge group of bloggers get together in a pre-determined location to do what people do at work conferences — network, hang out, and learn. Or, that’s what I’ve always assumed happens at work conferences, but according to this piece published by the Wall Street Journal, the only thing that happens when you gather a large group of mothers who blog together is a whole bunch of selfies and mini bar raiding.

Don’t Call Him Mom, or an Imbecile — dads want ads that don’t make them look stupid

The Dad 2.0 Summit was recently held in Houston, TX, and a large portion of the event focused on the relationship between advertisers and dads — or the lack thereof. Fathers are staying at home in increasing numbers, and according to this NY Times piece, many of them are tired of being treated by advertisers as if they’re not up to task.

Where do you draw the line when blogging about your family?

Cat recently wrote a fascinating piece on Offbeat Home called My door is open: why I’m pretty public online about my home. In it she discusses the transparency with which she blogs about where she lives and what she does. Cat’s digital reach in the home-focused community is pretty far — she runs two websites (the other being Hipster Housewife) about homes, and tweets many, many details about her life every single day. In fact, within another month or so I might have her whole TV schedule worked out. (I KID! Kind of.)

Why some feminists can’t stop reading Mormon housewife blogs

Haven’t you heard? According to one journalist, Mormon housewife blogs are all the rage for some folks you might not expect.

Usernames and the momidentity crisis

Since both Offbeat Bride and Offbeat Families are essentially about women in relationships going through a transition (marriage, starting a family) I feel like I catch people in a really interesting state of identity shift. One of the many ways these shifts are expressed are through usernames and avatars.

Offbeat Mama turns ONE: what I’ve learned from 12 months of working on this website

So, Offbeat Mama launched exactly one year ago yesterday! WHEW. What an intense year of learning it’s been — of course Offbeat Mama is all tangled up in my own experience of my first year of being an offbeat mama (Tavi’s birthday is coming up in a couple months) but it’s still been a pretty twisty turny learning experience.

Here’s what I’ve learned from running this website:

Why I hate parenting acronyms and refuse to use them

Sometimes I feel like I am battling a one-woman war against the over-acronymification of women’s communities. This is something I’ve dealt with on the Offbeat Bride Tribe for years, but I think the acronyms in online parenting communities is even more intense.

An interview with Adele, the mother behind “Mila’s Daydreams”

Ariel discovered Adele’s website Mila’s Daydreams last week, and immediately knew that we had to have an interview with Adele!