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Did you know all the kids these days are buying their mattresses online and they come vacuum-sealed and all rolled up tight for you to unroll?

If you haven’t bought a mattress in a fair few years (which, let’s face it, is most of us), this concept might actually be new. Because it relatively is. Most of us used to pile into the car for those President’s Day sales and purchase our mattress from Stan the Mattress Man. But no longer is that our only option. Now you can get a mattress with next day shipping!

There are a few brands that are getting some major traction, which I’ve included here. But keep an eye out for some of the more affordable brands from places like Amazon. You might just fine your mattress soul mate at a deal. Look for beds that have cooling properties, are quiet and motionless for your partners (or neighbors for quieter sexytimes!), and fancy new technologies. Here are some of the best beds and mattresses you can buy online today and have in your bedroom TOMORROW…

Tuft & Needle

The Tuft & Needle Adaptive foam touts that it sleeps cool and is the right mix of “not too soft, and not too hard.” It’s also great for those of us who toss and turn and have partners who hate that.

Nectar has next-day shipping!

Who ya gonna call for cooling technologies woven into the fabric itself? Nectar Sleep! Take their quiz — they might be perfect for you. And if you find the perfect mattress right now… you can get next day shipping and get it TOMORROW!


The Yoga comfort system is a “4-layer gel memory foam system” designed to support the body by dispersing weight evenly and reducing pressure points that cause tossing and turning. Plus, it’s got a fun name.


The Leesa mattresses are designed to appeal to all types of sleepers. Their perforated “Avena” foam top layer keeps you cool and provides the perfect blend of “hug” and support.

Helix Mattresses

The best beds & mattresses you can buy online (which is getting the be the best way to do it!)
Queen mattress from Helix

Helix allows you to customize each side of the mattress to suit yours’ and your partner’s needs, which apparently is winning them some loyal customers.

Lucid mattresses

Lucid beds fall into the much more affordable category with loads of size options and features like gel memory foam and this incline bed.

Purple Mattresses

The best beds & mattresses you can buy online (which is getting the be the best way to do it!)
Mattresses from Purple

Purple has been trendy for quite a while since they focus on supporting your back like a firm mattress while cradling everything else like a soft one. If you’re into good alignment, this might be the choice for you.

Zinus Beds

Zinus is another affordable brand available on Amazon that has both mattresses and bed frames (some of them cute, too). They boast pressure relieving comfort foam and pocketed springs.

Casper Mattresses

The best beds & mattresses you can buy online (which is getting the be the best way to do it!)
Mattresses by Casper

Casper has “zoned support” with a softer-than-average feel and lots of bounciness, if you’re into that kind of thing. Just note that it is a foam mattress, which can get a little warm.

Aviya Mattresses

Aviya touts a “hotel feel” when you lay on it with individually wrapped innerspring cores. A lot of folks claim they help with problem joints and backs.

Comments on The best beds & mattresses with next day shipping

  1. We like our Endy! It is a Canadian company (we live in Canada) and I’m not sure if they ship elsewhere. It is comfortable and I love their no- frills approach.

  2. Wow those are some incredible options and I love shopping online but there are some things I need to experience in person first and mattresses are one of things. I don’t care how easy they make the return. Nothing is easier than standing in a store and saying “Nope”. So unless there is a brick-and-mortar opportunity to try first, I have to reluctantly pass.

    • I get this, for sure. I was initially encouraged by the trial periods lots of these companies offer. However, when our Tuft & Needle mattress developed dips within just a couple of weeks (partner is big and I was pregnant at the time), we learned that their “pickup” after issuing a refund is a junk service.

      We did end up giving Nectar, another online mattress company, a chance and we love it (would highly recommend for bigger people especially), but it is a gamble, and waste is certainly a factor to consider as well.

  3. As a person with very young children, almost everything is easier than standing in a store. Online shopping saves lives, people. Maybe not, but it certainly saves sanity (both for me and all employees of said store). Thank you so much for this run down! The hubs and I have been considering a new mattress for a bit, and this will make our decision a lot easier.

  4. We have a Tuft & Needle bed and loooove it! We also splurged on their pillows (we normally go for the cheapest pillows at Target, haha) and that has been an AMAZING choice. My neck and shoulders feel so much better.

  5. We have a Leesa, and it’s insanely comfortable. My partner and I are long distance for part of the year right now, and my “main” mattress is a crappy one from the mattress store around the corner. I look forward to visiting him for the mattress as well as the person! 😉

    Important note: my partner has bad allergies, and so we tried to put a cover on the Leesa mattress (like you’re supposed to on any mattress for those with allergies), and it totally interfered with the soft comfort of the mattress. We took the cover off. So, something to keep in mind if you need to use a cover on your mattress, you might not be able to fully enjoy the Leesa. I have no idea what other brands are like.

  6. I rarely comment but felt compelled to with this post. We have tried both the Leesa and the Helix. We ended up returning the Leesa (rather, they let you donate to a local charity you can either select or they will find one which is really nice) and they refund you. The Leesa was sooo comfortable initially but it seemed after 30 days or so that the upper supportive layer started to give way. I tend to sleep on my side 90% of the time and after several weeks could start to feel some pressure points. We ended up ordering a Helix about halfway through our Leesa trial period because we just weren’t sold that it was right for us.

    The Helix was AMAZING. It wasn’t all that more expensive than the Leesa and it’s almost completely customized. The description above is slightly inaccurate in that you CAN each have totally different options on your side but it also gives you the option to BLEND the options for each person so the entire bed is uniform (or if you decide to change sides). This is what we chose to do and it has been awesome. I suggest taking a look at Helix and just walking through the survey they give you which is how they determine how to build your mattress. It’s really impressive. We also ended up getting the platform (which came out several months after we purchased the mattress) for it which offered additional support. A little pricey but everything is extremely well-made and we couldn’t be happier with it.

  7. Has anyone tried an Amerisleep mattress? I really like what I read about them and the reviews I find rate them highly, but I see a lot of the brands on this post far more frequently than Amerisleep.

  8. I don’t have any of these mattresses, but my cousin’s husband and kids all have sleep hyperhidrosis and since buying Purple Mattresses, they don’t wake up completely drenched anymore.

  9. I was just reading the consumer reports issue about mattresses. I always hear Casper through podcast so I was curious about the quality. Apparently it was one of their top recommendations! The only other brand I remember seeing was Purple and that got a pretty good rating as well. Good to see these online companies have good mattresses cuz I always feel icky going into those mattress stores- like they are always trying to rip me off.

  10. My new upstairs neighbors, after putting me through months of bone-shattering and expensive heavy-duty renovations (that resulted among other things in opening up cracks in my tile grouting in bathroom and kitchen, letting roaches have access), have moved in with a Bed in a Bag. Only. No bed frame at all. Their multiple sexual trysts every night literally shake me awake, it is such violent movement. Boyfriend even enjoyed some time alone (masturbation noises every bit as bad) when honeybunch co-unit owner was out of the country on business. My bedroom shakes. The noise is astonishing. The vibrations flabbergasting. The coop board and management think I am being difficult in demanding that these folks purchase and use a good bed frame to eliminate the noise and shaking, and will not order new neighbors to stop interfering with my quiet enjoyment nor fine them appropriately. I have provided URLs and print-outs of a variety of appropriate bed frames. No one pays any attention. I even have photos of the bedroom upstairs during the recent ownership of two previous owners showing nice bed frames in use when there was no disturbance to my sleep, so this is doable. (These two other couples were not celibate.) I currently sleep on my ancient sofa bed in my living room almost every night now because I am unable to get anything near a full night’s sleep in my bedroom. I am elderly and recovering from
    (botched) orthopedic surgery and permanent injuries to my lumbar spine. I wake up from a night on my sofa bed with back pain and really want to sleep in my own bed again. New owner made her unit purchase with help from her parents, who are co-owners and live in the neighborhood. Among them, the four principals have considerably greater assets and income than I do. The board and management don’t want me to include mom and dad in any notices to cease disturbing me, but I’m older and far more frail than even the parents, let alone energetic 32-year-old daughter-occupant and her (so far) anonymous and vigorous sex partner and co-occupant (whose name I cannot determine). A meeting last week with board and management went nowhere. This is no joke; this is my health at stake plus my investment in my own unit. I would sell but any new owner would sue me for failure to disclose the problems in advance of sale.

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