My hand-and-homemade Legend of Zelda-themed baby shower

Guest post by Danielle
All photos by Danielle.

I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan — my daughter is even named after one of my favorite characters in the series. So it was a no-brainer for me when coming up for a theme for my baby shower — of course it’d be Zelda!

My mom loves crafts so she told me she would make everything I needed. She made a diaper baby dressed as Link, and a gift box cake topped with a Zelda doll made to resemble my daughter. I made my own belly cake with a dress that had symbols on it that Midna, from Twilight Princess, has on her skin.

My mother also made a Link doll to top another cake made out of swaddling blankets — she was able to do it by finding tutorials online. She also made some other decorations that weren’t Zelda-themed — a bear on a motorcycle made out of bibs and more blankets, some candy made from bibs and wash cloths, and my grandma made me a watermelon baby with fruit inside. They worked hard on it and I enjoyed my baby shower so much.

I don’t know what the theme of my future baby shower will be but I will definitely have my mom and grandma to help me again!

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  1. I LOVE IT!!! Your shower looks like so much fun, and your family that helped you with it ROCK!!! I love The Legend of Zelda and lots of other classic Nintendo characters too- I’m an ’80’s kid myself. Don’t worry about what people say about being 19 and having a baby. Age is just a number and you sound like you’ll be a wonderful mother. Congratulations!

  2. I love this post, obviously because the baby shower theme was so cool, but also because you do not frame your mama-age as a ‘problem’ to overcome or a source of shame, which is amazing. Wish I was more that way when I got pregnant at 20. Way to rock early breeding!

  3. I’m currently planning a baby shower for my sister and her partner is a big Zelda fan. Since we’re doing a Jack and Jill type of baby shower (it’s her second, but his first child so we wanted to include him in it) I’m going to surprise him by doind a Zelda themed party…thanks sooo much for the ideas, they’re fantastic!!

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