Let’s talk about birth playlists that don’t revolve around Enya

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Jill sent us a question about labor playlists — you know, music to birth by! She specifically wondered what kind of lists you guys have made that DIDN’T include Enya (Enya fans: she means no harm!). I never got to make one, so here’s some of the songs that I would pick if I were giving birth like, right now.

Personally, I feel like birth is WAY too unpredictable to have a perfectly organized playlist (what if you want to listen to something in a different order? Or nothing at all?), so I just tried to stick with my faves. You’ll notice this is heavy on the sixties and seventies flower-child lullabies (Dylan, George Harrison, Led Zeppelin) and singer-songwriters (I can’t help it!), but I tried to keep it diverse. Who wouldn’t want to try to dance through labor?

These are a few of my favorites songs divided up into hopefully labor-and-birthing-appropriate categories:

Happy, Fun, “This isn’t as bad as I thought it would be!” Tunes

When you need something to make you comfortable/zen you out.

“Oh, shit. Labor might be hard.”

When labor gets really hard.


So, what (if anything) did you guys listen to? If you have a playlist saved or blogged online, link to it!

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  1. I didn’t have anything planned. So, it just happened that my husband was listening to Johnny Cash during the early part of labor. I have to say that I love peace and quiet, so after that there was nothing but silence for me.

  2. Gravity by A Perfect Circle for both baby #3 & #4, got me through a 4 hour fast labor and a 44.5 hours slow labor, and continues to be a lullaby to both. Baby #4’s labor, I sang with, sometimes yelling with the song, and I know I got some odd looks as I would yell out “I choose to live, I choose to live!”

    Thrown into the mix was NIN, Type O Negative, The Cure, Led Zep, Ozzy, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Tool, basically anything I knew the lyrics by heart and could sing/screech/yell with the song, became my focal point. Gravity is the one that got played the most.

  3. We did Pink Floyd’s Echoes. It worked, although the doctor made us turn it down when he came in the room.

  4. My little boy was born to Morning Yearning – By Ben Harper.. I recommend a listen if you don’t know it !

    But every year I i also play him , Ben Folds Five – the luckiest .

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