Kurt Cobain’s childhood home is for sale — anyone in Aberdeen need a roomie?

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The childhood of Kurt Cobain is totally for sale — if you have $500,000 to spare. Considering the average home price in Aberdeen, Washington is around $80,000, you’ll definitely be paying that extra zillion dollars for the memories. BUT OH WHAT MEMORIES THEY ARE — who WOULDN’T want to live in the room that has a wall that Kurt punched a hole through? I’m serious, Homies. Let’s take a gander:

Exhibit A: young Kurt sitting at the fireplace.

Exhibit B: the actual fireplace!

Ok, so, I kind of actually like the kitchen, but only because yellow is my favorite color. Even when it comes in the highlighter variety.

It’s… so… retro?

Another A/B: Kurt in his room…

And the room itself!

And here you have it: what you’d really be paying $500,000 for.

You can see more photos at Zillow.

Comments on Kurt Cobain’s childhood home is for sale — anyone in Aberdeen need a roomie?

    • My secret hope is that his daughter buys it! I think it would be a cool way to kind of bring it all full circle, even if she never lives there.

      • His daughter actually didn’t even make it to Nirvana’s recent induction into the Rock Hall of Fame. She’s had a pretty crazy upbringing – I imagine she has some pretty mixed feelings about her dad.

  1. buying this would result is such a bizarre dilemma. i mean, if i bought *any other house* that looked like that, all those things would be fixed or painted out. but, with the history, how could you bring yourself to do it?

    so glad it isn’t an option, because i would actually torture myself with the choice.

  2. I think it’s sad that it’s so expensive. It looks like a pretty nice house and a good renovation project. I bet a lot of people would be really angry if it got changed at all. I wonder if it will actually get sold at that price.

    A museum type thing would be a cool resolution, but I can’t imagine who would go through all the trouble of owning & maintaining it to make that happen. How much revenue would it realistically get?

    • Seriously. I live in Seattle and I’ve only driven through Aberdeen once because it’s way out in the sticks. It’s so far in the boonies that I was actually surprised that they had a Wal-mart there.

  3. I find it disgusting that someone is trying to capitalize on public nostalgia for a talented musician/celebrity who died tragically young. If it was Trent Reznor’s or Eddie Vedder’s or any other 90’s rocker’s childhood home, it would be a cool story and possibly a small bump in the asking price. The fact that it’s Kurt Cobain’s childhood home should not make the asking price $0.5M. I find that gross.

    Also, why was that wall not fixed years ago? Famous musician or not, there is never a good reason to punch a wall.

    • And not just “someone”… his own family. I believe the house still belongs to Kurt Cobain’s mother.

      On the one hand it’s like if she needs the money, ok, it’s her house to price as she wants but on the other hand… SRSLY?!

  4. This bothers me. Thats a $420000 profit. Greed. Pure and simple. Unless they use that huge cash profit for good, say a charity that helps young adults and teens with emotional problems or sucide prevention etc in his name then….really? REALLY!?

  5. As someone who lives just North of Washington, in Vancouver, BC – the $500,000 seems reasonable, haha! (Homes *start* at $250,000, if you’re willing to live in a tiny townhouse with two neighbors attached on either side…)

    On the positive side – if the house were up here – someone would be asking well over $1 million!

  6. I’m a little amused that Kurt’s former home is now on the market for the same amount of money that a representative of Lead Belly’s estate once tried to get Kurt to pay for Lead Belly’s guitar.

  7. Oh! I remember getting so mad about this. The house is valued (she’s tried to sell before) at something like $54, 000?
    You’re pretty much paying for the fact that he lived the until he was 11 and then randomly throughout his teens.

  8. Why does everyone assume that the owner (mother or not) doesn’t have the right to make a good profit out of a home that probably could make 500,000? She should just sell it for way less than its worth because of its intrinsic value “just because”? Selling it at a much higher price will likely ensure it goes to an actual fan who sees more than the land value which in turn will preserve a part of Kurt’s legacy. I think the real problem in this thread is jealousy.

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