My tiny, kitschy, crafty, and Star Wars-y living space

Guest post by Olivia

We LOVE peeking in Offbeat Homie’s spaces, especially when they’re tiny and awesome, like this one from Olivia in Florida!


It’s easy to get wrapped up in trying to make your home perfect and coordinating and sticking to one certain look. I’ve tried for so long to stick to certain colour schemes, or a certain really specific look, and I was never completely happy and also could never get it quite right. Finally, I figured out that you shouldn’t have to pick one thing you love and apply that to your decor, but instead apply everything you love to your decor.

Like in my case I love kitschy, vintage things, as well as crafts and DIY, then mix in some Star Wars and dinosaurs and there you have it! It all combines to create a very kitschy, eccentric look.





Another thing that I have learned in decorating is that it’s important to have some natural pieces. I love modern (and budget-friendly) Ikea furniture and vintage pieces painted a bright funky colour. But adding natural touches like raw wood shelves instead of going for white particle board, and the wooden vintage radio cabinet instead of another white Ikea piece, really help to make the room look finished as well as adding more colour and depth to the look.









I hope you enjoyed the tour of my room, and the decor inspired you a bit like so many things have inspired me!

And if you’re also feeling inspired to submit YOUR living space, by all means — do so!

Comments on My tiny, kitschy, crafty, and Star Wars-y living space

  1. Well done! I have always felt that the best “decorating style” is to decorate with what you love–what “feels right” to you, rather than focus on “oh, gee, that doesn’t fit X colour scheme or X style.” As the author has shown, if you love it, you’ll find a way to make it all fit in 🙂

  2. Holy moly this is amazing!

    But I need to ask you one very important question: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT X FILES POSTER? I’ve been searching for one for forever.

  3. I love how wonderfully you display everything. You just make a point of it. SHOW IT OFF! Love it. Inspirational. We have so much stuff and random things that I don’t know what to do with.

    Also, putting ALL the art and posters on ONE wall makes it such a focal point. So great.

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