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It’s been a while since I featured an offbeat DILF. I got some feedback from one reader who said the feature was “so wrong and trashy” and I got a little gun-shy. BUT! I just can’t stay away from the pictures of hottie dads, so despite some of you thinking this feature is “like Hooters for women,” here’s this week’s DILF, James!

James Hearn: YAY DILF!

Helen Jane explains, “Back when I was 22 , I wrote a list of exactly what I wanted out of a husband. Someone who would play guitar to our kids was number one on the list.” … Mission accomplished, HJ!

For a couple more shots of James, and a poll about whether I should keep featuring DILFs, keep reading!

James Hearn

And now I want to know what you think:

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  1. That last photo made me well up a bit. I think it is a bit trashy, but when I'm feeling prudish I just pretend that the "F" in DILF means "Friend". Dad I'd like to Friend. Then it feels clean again. 🙂 Overall I think it's a great way to feature the male counterpart to our off-beat momhood, you know in a purely equal opportunity kind of way.

  2. You could always name it something different, if people are upset. I think it's great to see dad's featured- Mamas aren't the only ones raising those offbeat babies!

  3. I appreciate the eye-candy but the "DILF" bit bothers me…sends my mind to less than honorable places when the whole point of these profiles is to highlight the awesomeness of these guys. Maybe "Offbeat Dads", "Offbeat Partners", "Offbeat Helpers", or something equally offbeat would work as a substitute?

    I'm also afraid "DILF" will eventually end up on the internet filter at work and I'll no longer be able to view this website during breaks! Gotta have my Offbeat Fix!

  4. I think it's so sweet! there's a misconception that we lose our sexuality (and sexual appeal) when we have kids — so why not feature hot parents of both sexes?

  5. I guess in the interest of gender equality you could throw in some MILFs… but aren't all OBMamas MILFs?? Really we need some DILFs to balance out all the hot MILFs that already appear here!

  6. Keep the DILFs! Like Shrie said: we’re offbeat, the lingo is part of the culture as well. We all know nobody is actually planning on jumping the dads.
    I love this section, partly because of the whole male/female balance people already mentioned. But also: what can possibly be hotter than a father proudly showing off his kids and being comfortable about being a father? There’s nothing sexist about that, in my opinion.
    I know my man would feel acknowledged and proud if he were to be featured on here.

    • I second this. Too often I see media (and society in general), dissing fatherhood and regarding it as a loss of freedom or some kind of burden. It's good to see men enjoying fatherhood. The term "DILF" I just kinda regard as a silly term that makes me giggle a little. I have no intention of "jumping the dads" as Lorian so rightly put it.

  7. I like DILF, both the feature and the name. It seems harmless, and in a cultural climate where dads are generally perceived as armchair schlubs or overgrown kids, I love seeing fathers interact with their little ones. The eye candy factor certainly doesn't hurt, either.

  8. I like the feature but not the name. Can we come up with something better than a reference to wanting to have sex with these guys? Maybe not all of us want to think of them sexually but do admire and appreciate their great "dadness." I agree with Cariogcl – what about "Offbeat Partners" or something like that.

    • I am with mustbered… I LOVE having offbeatPapas featured, and I think it is completely necessary in our culture where Dads are often considered incapable at parenting. The DILF thing annoys me though. Doesn't offend me or tick me off or whatever, I just find it a) cheapens the awesome job these guys are doing and b) takes the focus off the awesome parenting and attempts to put it on nice butts instead lol.

  9. it's wrong and trashy… but i also think it's really sweet!!! all these dads are hott BECAUSE they look like they're really good dads! Which is why I love DILF! plus, i want my hottie hubby on here once wee baby is born!!! ^-^ hehe

  10. I agree to opening a MILF category to balance the sexes for the non-hetero-normative audience. But don't stop! And don't change the name! I'm so sad that some people think that the "F" part is something dirty and trashy.

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