Born at home: a home birth video

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I absolutely love this home birth video shot by Georgia Brizuela — here’s what she had to say about it:

Here is the film I had the honour to document of the home water birth of Oliver. Thank you to Heidi & John for wanting to share this intimate experience to encourage other parents.

In a quiet street in the suburbs a little boy was welcomed into the peacefulness of his parents arms in the privacy of their lounge room. Surrounded by family and his midwives. Born in his caul into water, Oliver Byron, 8lbs.

You can see Georgia’s archives of birth photos and videos at her website.

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  1. Tears here as well. I had planned a homebirth with my first, ended up 2.5 weeks overdue, induced at the hospital, labored for 24 hours and ended up with an epi and then c-section. I often wonder what woudl have happened if I had stayed home. I hope I am strong enough to try a homebirth if we are lucky enough to get pregnant again.

  2. Oh wow, Georgia is the mama from Theo’s birth video! I’m still not close to being pregnant, but from the first time I watched that video, I knew I was ok about becoming a mum. Just beautiful, the love in these videos is palpable. Definitely having Georgia shoot my birth one day!

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