How do you celebrate birthdays that fall on, or close to, holidays?

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Happy birthday, Laura! We got you a Christmas cake because it’s also Christmas. (Photo by: Kyle NishiokaCC BY 2.0)
We are an agnostic family, and while Christmas is not my favorite holiday, we welcomed our sweet baby boy in to the world last year on Christmas Eve.

My husband’s birthday is the 28th, so he’s not a stranger to being forgotten at Christmas time (probably one of the reasons we don’t celebrate Christmas much).

But in this Pinterest-crazed day and age, I feel kind of put-out that we won’t be able to have big birthday celebrations, as almost everyone will be busy with Christmas festivities.

Any suggestions? -Colleen

That guy I married was born on New Year’s Eve. My niece’s birthday is around or on Thanksgiving. And my mom’s birthday is weeks away from Christmas. Yeah… we’re a family full of birthdays over-shadowed by holidays.

So we’ve come up with a few solutions:

  • Instead of trying to out-do New Years Eve, we pour all the goodness of birthdays — friends, cake, and partying — into that guy I married’s Shark Attackiversary every year. So at least one day a year he gets all that “you are special today” energy.
  • My sister has been known to throw ThanksBirthdays for her kid — presents and then delicious Thanksgiving dinner with family.
  • My mom’s is far enough away from Christmas that she still gets a special day, but she also still gets that “this is for your birthday AND Christmas” bullshit. So I make it a point to get her different gifts for each.

Who else is a victim of holiday birthdays? What solutions have you come up with to keep the party going, even when others are out of town, or distracted?

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  1. I personally don’t like my b-day being close or on thanksgiving because on thanksgiving day nobody remembers because they are so busy with thanksgiving and from a very large family, nobody remembers (not even my parents) they mainly forget when it is ON thanksgiving. I don’t ever remember having a “Happy Birthday” When my birthday is on thanksgiving. And from one side of my family I don’t think I have EVER heard a “Happy Birthday!” Yet they always text when it’s my sisters b-day or brothers, or my moms or dads but never on mine. It is very sad and I rarely celebrate. I am turning 14 in a week and 2 days. I don’t expect a happy b-day and nor will I ever, even though it would be nice. And I don’t think I have even NOT have a joined present with CHRISTMAS my birthday is in NOVEMBER why Christmas?! Whatever I’m totally not mad. (I asked my mom why she didn’t hold me in for another like week, she said I was the one that wanted out)

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