Where can I find boy-friendly headbands?

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Not my kid, but totally the hairstyle he's currently rocking. Photo by jula julz, used under Creative Commons license.
After spending his entire life in a decidedly “I want to be like my dad” phase my almost four-year-old has recently entered into a “I want to be like my mom” phase. Part of this includes his new desire to have long hair — like, down his back long. Both his dad and I are totally cool with this, but it turns out the growing out of his hair is a total pain.

It’s a stereotypical parent thing, but it’s making me CRAZY that my son’s hair is constantly in his eyes. We’ve started pulling it back with a hair band, but he’s not the biggest fan of the style. I’ve seen TONS of really adorable soft, fabric headbands for girls.. but the designs usually include butterflies and rainbows. We’re fans of butterflies and rainbows in this house, but my son has clearly stated that he wants something different for his hair. He wants patterns, but not those patterns.

So I ask you, parents of long-haired dudes: how did you style your son’s hair while it was growing out, and do gender-neutral or a little more boy-esque headbands exist? — Anne

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  1. I played sports quite a bit growing up. I know a lot of the girls had hair bands patterned with soccer balls, baseballs, etc. So if your kid is into sports, I know there are sports patterns out there. Maybe at Dicks, Rei, or even a girly place like Claire’s.
    And with all the funky trends out there where you can get pizza on anything you can imagine (also galaxies, cats, and tacos), I’m sure there are stores that must have those sorts of things. If you have a Five Below near you try there.
    In sports we also often wore multiple skinny headbands together, to get a stripe effect.
    Also, check out Junk Headbands (they have a website and I’ve seen them sold at Dicks) they seem to have some cool stuff. I think I even saw a dinosaur headband once.

  2. Hi there!

    I had the same problem, so I started an store 🙂 I’d be honored if you’d like to check it out

    My goal has always been to provide “boyish” or unisex styles. Hope this helps!
    I’m also on etsy

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