Accio slip-ons! Here's the new Harry Potter Vans collection that we've been waiting for


I've been hearing rumblings about the new Vans Harry Potter collection for months now. I'd missed their previous Mario collection a few years back, so I wanted to get in on this one while it was still available. Y'all know some of these won't last long. And now it's here! There are shoes, hats, backpacks, hoodies, tees, button-downs, socks, and more. I figured some of my fellow Potterphiles would want to see them as well.

Here are some of my faves from the collection. Which house will you be representing? (Slytherclaw here!)…

  1. My house is Hufflepuff but I found that particular design somewhat lacking, plus slip-on isn't my favourite style so I went for the Golden Snitch ones shown at the top, they haven't arrived yet though and I'm getting impatient waiting! Still it was only Friday I bought them…

  2. I love the snitch ones and really want to get my kids some, but I really can't justify the price for shoes they'll grow out of so quickly.

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