Great idea: Make your driveway glow like a starry night

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Driveway gravel + glow in the dark stones = your driveway looking like some sort of magical mystery tour destination. You can get the glowing rocks on Amazon for $11, but of course it would take a buttload of $11 packages to make a driveway glow this much…

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  1. Oh my gourd! That looks SO COOL!! And aside from cool, it’s also practical. If you don’t have outside flood lights, this helps you see your driveway better for, like, when you forget something outside in your car and decide to go get it at 11pm and need to see where you’re going…and your flashlight batteries died. Or, it’s great for when guests come over to your house, and try to leave after dark but aren’t familiar enough with your yard to know where they can turn around. Or when people need to FIND your house! It’s the one with the glowing driveway! Also, intruders! Hard to sneak up the driveway when you can see their silhouette against the glow!
    Ok, or it just looks cool.

  2. Glowing rocks! Okay, you’ve now provided my excuse for having not gotten around to building my bathroom terrarium yet. I did not know about glowing rocks.

    Now I do: decor plus night light, all in one.

    • (My friend and I saw this image a couple weeks ago and immediately started looking for the origin, and that’s as close as we came. I covet you, glowing driveway!)

  3. I don’t think these would glow for very long after sunset, BUT then you could go out with a flashlight and draw with the light on the stones. Turn out your light and see your picture!

  4. As cool as this looks, I can’t imagine this being very earth friendly if you didn’t pick up every single one when you moved. That might be difficult.

    However, I think there could be amazing in a shallow fountain. Easier clean up too!

  5. We have these inlaid in our concrete counters! They’re so bloody cool. It was the one thing my 40 yr old fiancé was insistent on: “We gotta get the glow rocks!” Well worth it.

  6. I like the look but I would seriously consider a different method. Glow in the dark paints and powders, including rocks don’t last forever so it won’t be beautiful for too long.
    Might I recommend searching for a planetarium projector and hiding it in a tree or other tall object? I love the look but hoping to come up with something more frugal….OR perhaps use weak magnets and paint them with the glow in the dark acrylic paint. Leave the magnets loose so that when they lose their glow you can use a stronger magnet to easily collect them and repaint them then disperse.
    This picture is so gorgeous, though!

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