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Garage sale gurus weigh in on how to have a garage sale

I asked my handful of awesome readers if they had any advice for how to have a garage sale. And three of them got back to me with a wealth of great info. It’s interesting to note that from the American South to the American West, all garage sale advice was pretty much the same.

How to make these awesome Star Wars pegboards

My husband belongs to a Star Wars costuming group called the 501st, and I’m working on a costume so I can join, too. After going to a party at the home of another 501st member with a decked out Star Wars-themed garage, I decided that for my husband’s birthday I’d give him a little Star Wars flair for our own garage. Since we have been talking about needing to organize our garage pretty much since day one, it made sense to combine Star Wars into our plans. And thus, the idea for the pegboards was born.

Great idea: Make your driveway glow like a starry night

Driveway gravel + glow in the dark stones = your driveway looking like some sort of magical mystery tour destination. You can get the glowing rocks on Amazon for $11, but of course it would take a lot of $11 packages to make a driveway glow this much…

CARBANA: How to turn your carport into a private cabana

You don’t have to have a home in a tropical location to enjoy some relaxing island-style backyard action. If you happen to have a carport instead of a garage, you could TOTALLY pull off the carport cabana — the “carbana.”

We used stripes to turn our garage into a beachy Mexican backdrop to the patio

We chose one of the hottest days of the year to paint our garage. And not just to paint our garage, but to paint it with four different colors of stripes.

Lemme tell you, I’ve got stripe-painting skillz.