17 gingerbread house fails that made the sugary housing market crash

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gingerbread house fails
Gingerbread house kit from Sweet Gingerbox

Not every gingerbread house attempt turns out as sweet and pretty as the one above. Sometimes the sweet turns sour and you end up pouring icing over the wreckage and calling it a day. Not all of us are meant to be baked good architects (myself included!) but most of these are pretty hilarious in their chaos.

Let’s revel in the holiday spirit of trying our best with these gingerbread house fails. It’s the thought that counts and it all tastes yummy in the end, right?


That wall is making the face we’re all thinking.


That kitteh totally Godzilla’d this whole scenario.

Call (chocolate) Chip and Jo.


I don’t know, those icicles look pretty real.

A hunchback of Notre Dame lives there, I know it!


How is anyone supposed to wait until it’s done to start eating anyway?!

I feel like this is how almost all gingerbread houses end up looking — just a stack of cookie walls and good intentions.

Apparently kids put this one together, which means it’s PRETTY DARN GOOD!


Sibling rivalry at its finest. (We love you equally!)

Again: we love you both equally, kids.

Symbolic of Millennials trying to buy a house.

This one is just a gingerbread Transformer turning into an airplane.

This is why you always get an inspection done before buying the house.

This home builder was totally DONE.

This one looks less like a fail and more like an intentional historical reenactment that should be memorialized in a museum.

Dammit, Krampus, not again.



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