Reader favorite raw vegan holiday menu recipes

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Reader favorite raw vegan holiday menu items
Raw nut and date bars from Bijoux & Bits

Once upon a time, we talked about how to create a raw vegan holiday menu for Thanksgiving and the other winter holidays. Our readers, adept as they are in specialty diets, came hard with raw vegan holiday recipes that I am jonesing to try.

From pumpkin pie to mezze plates to green bean casserole, you’ll be shocked at what traditional dishes can be just as delish in raw vegan form.

Let’s get plant-based with it…

Reader favorite raw vegan Thanksgiving menu items
Hummus mezze platter from Yummy Mummy Kitchen

How about a festive mezze plate? Sprouted raw hummus will get scarfed by even non-vegan guests and there are a million raw falafel recipes out there, and you can google a raw version of baba ganoush as well. Serve it with a carrot salad, and purple cabbage leaves in place of pita. – Lily

Reader favorite raw vegan holiday menu items
The Raw Brownie from My New Roots

Raw vegan brownie
Serve this for dessert: The Raw Brownie

My husband and I are vegan and we make this for football parties and game nights. All of our (animal-eating) friends dig it! I would serve this with a huge and colorful sprouted wild rice salad. Then she has something both filling and healthful, and salad and dessert can do double duty for your other guests. – Melissa

Reader favorite raw vegan Thanksgiving menu items
Raw vegan holiday salad from Detoxinista

Raw holiday salad

Here is a raw holiday salad that my mother in law makes every year:
6-8 cups spring mix lettuce
3 ribs celery, diced
1 cup raw walnuts, chopped
1 red apple, cored and diced
1/2 cup cranberries

For the dressing, mix equal parts apple cider vinegar to raw oil, season with salt, grated orange zest, and fruit juice of choice. Serves 6.

The green and the red together are very attractive, and the salad is something the whole family can love. If you don’t have raw oils, perhaps your raw-foods guest can contribute some. – Cass

Reader favorite raw vegan Thanksgiving menu items
Raw vegan green bean casserole from Live Simply Natural

I agree with others to check with your guest to see if there are any other restrictions you don’t know about first. Here is a recipe I found online. I haven’t tried them yet but I plan to try this raw vegan green bean casserole. – Danelle

Reader favorite raw vegan holiday menu items
Raw vegan banana cream pie from Minimalist Baker

Raw pie
It’s one of the greatest desserts ever. I served it at my son’s first birthday party (since you never know what kids can’t have sugar/gluten), and EVERYONE loved it. The basic recipe for the crust is pretty much the same no matter what filling you use (nuts, dates, shredded coconut, pinch of salt), and you can Google recipes to find whatever filling you like. Here’s one that looks pretty good! – Teegan

Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie from Pop Sugar

Here is one more recipe, this time for pumpkin pie that looks so good I plan on making it myself. Although I’m not a raw food vegan so’ll probably cheat and use canned pumpkin. – Alysa

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  1. That raw vegan pumpkin pie is to die for. I make it, or a very close recipe, every year for Thanksgiving. I also do mini versions (made in cupcake tins) to bring in for my office Thanksgiving pot luck.

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