What happens if you move to another country while pregnant?

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By: Joe HallCC BY 2.0
My husband and I had THE TALK a couple nights ago, and came to the realization that this year is THE YEAR: we’re going to try this baby-making thing! But is there is a kicker, and it’s not a little one — we have a move to Germany in the works this Fall for his studies.

I’ve Googled the heck out of insurance, birth certificates and the midwife/hospital (since we won’t be military), we’ve been working on language skills, research has been done on what to bring and what to wait to buy, and we have a game plan to tell our parents. But I’m still feeling overwhelmed by the ENTIRE thing.

Anyone have any advice for moving internationally somewhere in the second trimester and giving birth when the native language isn’t your own? — Jenna

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  1. This is not necessarily related to pregnancy/babies, but I would totally recommend checking Meetup for groups in the city you’re going to. I live in Austin and have for years, but joined a mother’s group which has been awesome for finding other new mothers nearby. It was helpful for me bc most of my friends had kids years ago, but many of the women seem to be new arrivals to town who are using the meetup to reach out and make new friends. You could even join a book club/hiking group/whatever on meetup (or another site that’s commonly used there), as this could be helpful for you to make American, German and other international friends. I’n syre you’ll have an amazing experience!

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  3. My husband (who’s a UK citizen) and I (US citizen) are hoping to move to the UK, and are currently waiting for my spousal family visa. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant. If we do not get the UK visa, we are trying to find a third country where we could go live for 6-9 months (or more?) while I finish out the pregnancy and have the baby. We would like to avoid Zika Virus; ie, go to somewhere in the EU (Ireland, France, Italy, Greece or Spain are the top 5 choices). Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!

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