From geeky to gangsta rap: Jordandene has the coolest kids clothes you’ll see today

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LOL this photo.
LOL this photo.

Remember when I first introduced you to Offbeat Home & Life sponsor Jordandene? I gave you geek chic shirts for big kids, and you explored the site and found the geek chic items for little kids.

You asked for a feature on those, and we deliver. Let’s talk about Jordandene‘s awesome kids clothes and accessories (including the BEST FREAKING GIFT FOR KIDS of all time). Plus there’s a special discount for any Jordandene stuff you like.

Spread Love, It's the Brooklyn Way baby onesie
Spread Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way baby onesie

Jordandene‘s got your itty bitty baby bodies covered in the most adorable of onsies. These always lead to fun photos like this. Seriously, you should follow Jordandene on Instagram, it’s a feed full of awesome. (Oh, and make sure to hashtag your photos with #jordandene to show us all your rockin’ purchases.)

Supercalifragilistic kids tee
Supercalifragilistic kids tee

You can also get all the geeky/wonderful Jordandene tees you fell in love with in kid sizes. From Harry Potter to Mary Poppins, Jordandene’s got the tees kids crave.

And then, and then, AND THEN it get’s even more awesome. Yes, you are looking at a freaking crayon bandolier. They come in all kinds of designs, including glow in the dark space fabric. Like I said, the best gift for kids EVAR.

Astronanimal Dino kids tee
Astronanimal Dino kids tee

Now you have the power to become the world’s greatest parent/aunt/uncle/best friend: you can get all those tees, plus the crayon bandolier for yourself AND your favorite kid, with a special Offbeat Home & Life discount…

Include the code “OFFBEAT25” at checkout and get a 25% discount off of everything on the site! (Code will be good until the end of 2015.)

Supercalifragilisticexpi… get to shopping!

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  1. Ooh! Now I have some fun gift ideas for this Christmas for my future nieces! (I suppose come Christmas they will be my actual nieces, since my fiance and I are getting married in September this year.)

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