Baby Mood Board

Guest post by Kia

Those of you who “graduated” to Offbeat Mamahood after spending time as Offbeat Brides will appreciate this maternal twist on ye olde bridal inspiration board. -Ariel

After 6 months of my husband and I educating ourselves on the X,Y, and Z to prep for our home birth, we decided to have fun and focus a bit on baby’s material needs. We had no idea where to start, so we did what we did for our wedding… we created a mood board!

It is a planning tool for us to figure out a cohesive theme of what to register for (in terms of aesthetics), to give to friends planning DIY projects, to give to shower organizers so they have an idea of our vision, to give to friends who are rogue shopping away from the registry, for my own DIY projects, etc.

Comments on Baby Mood Board

  1. I got that giant leaf from Ikea and it is AMAZING! for somewhere around $15 it's a great deal too. It's been above my bed since we bought it until the baby is here, then it'll be going above her crib 🙂 nice taste!

    • I've been obsessed with that silly leaf since I first saw it in NY … YEARS ago. Before I even met my wife. I think we'll get 3. 😀

      As an added bonus, it's called the Löva, which reminds me of Shabba Ranks. Mista Lova Lova.
      Maybe it's an inside joke… 🙂

      Either way, I'm glad to hear more positive reviews of it!

      -Terry (Husband of the amazing Kia, who wrote this post)

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