What can we buy, build, or make to commemorate our first home?

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Claddagh Foundry Door Knocker
Claddagh Foundry Door Knocker
I’ve reached that stage in my life: the stage where I want to paint my walls, hang pictures, build a deck, choose carpet colours, and give my fiancé a list of broken things to fix. So at long last, we’re moving out of our tiny, rented unit and buying a sunny, three-bedroom home in the suburbs. (So cliché! I love it.)

I’ve been looking for a way to commemorate buying our first home together — something I can buy, build, or make. That way we can keep it forever, and whenever we look at it we’ll know we’ve had that since we moved into our first home.

Has anyone done something like this? I would really love to hear ideas and suggestions from all of you wonderful people. -Sophie

First of all, congrats on your first home purchase! You should totally be perusing our new home archive.

Second, have you thought about something like investing in an awesome door knocker? It’s the first thing you see when you walk up to your door. Practically everyone who comes to visit will be grasping it and giving your house a little handshake. And it’s something that you can take with you from your first home to your last home, bringing with you all that houseguest hand-shaking mojo.

Or you could check out and steal some ideas from this post: Making an event out of moving in together.

What other first home commemoration ideas do YOU have, Homies?

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