Protect your fingers from flesh-hungry knives

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What does it say about me that all my favorite kitchen products are either shaped like animals or keep you from injuring yourself… like this brilliant finger guard! The finger guard is a stainless steel shield that protects your precious little finger tips while you’re slicing and dicing. I, for one, think $7.25 is a good price to pay to keep all your finger tips intact.

I’m getting me one of these AND the oven protectors and I’ll be totally ready to tackle the second cooking challenge.

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  1. A free version is tucking your finger tips in so that your knuckles are holding down the item you are mincing. That’s what they teach you in culinary school 😉

      • Tell me about it. The knife was dull, too, which didn’t help. I got through half of the solid portion of the thing without too much of a problem, but by the time I got to the other half I was in trouble. Then, slicey.

        On a positive note, I got my other half to finish making dinner while my hand stayed in the air. So it could have been worse.

  2. What a great idea! One thing that would scare me would be the steel slipping on a drop of water (or freshly rinsed veggies) and send your grip flying into or under the knife.

    I’ve also seen the knuckle trick… This one isn’t coordinated enough for that!

  3. Curl your fingers under your knuckles and go slowly. It pays to develop good, safe habits rather than adding an inconvenient form of protection that lets you continue using an unsafe manner in a confidant way. Because the day will come when you can’t find it or you just need to cut something “real quick” and you won’t bother with it.

    (Sorry, I teach risk management and mitigation. I’m kind of a professional buzzkill when it comes to things like this. 🙂 )

  4. I wonder if there is somewhere you could also buy a cut glove like people who work in restaurants use? I work at a restaurant and we have gloves made of a material that protects our hands from being cut. You can still accidentally stab yourself, but slicing won’t go through the glove. And at other restaurants I’ve seen more heavy duty ones. I think a glove would be a lot easier to use than this thingmajig, personally! But I don’t know where you could buy one for personal use.

  5. This would be really great for folks who have long and/or nice nails and are worried about ruining them. I have never ever cut myself while chopping but I have sliced through my nails a few times. Because fingernails don’t generally stay the same length all the time, it’s hard to accurately program yourself to allow that extra margin of safety in there!

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