How did you find a baby-sitter you can trust?

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I have been working more lately and as a result we have had to call on friends and family to help with the kids. Luckily we have a very tight support group around us and usually getting help isn’t too hard. It’s usually more reasonable to send the children to their grandparents’ and let them pass the kids between the two houses.

Every so often this isn’t an option — and I’m totally frazzled about being able to trust a baby-sitter I’ve never met. How did you find a baby-sitter you can trust? — Sarah

Stephanie says…

We’ve been lucky — friends and family that are in line with our parenting practices have always been the people who have watched our son so far. If that’s not an option, I have friends who use It works in two ways: people who want to apply to be caregivers can create accounts, and people seeking care providers can sign up for a free account to peruse their local options. Care providers can opt to pay $15 for a background check, which can put your mind at ease. If you go this route, I recommend meeting with the potential caregiver at least once before he or she is set to come over — that way you can see how you really feel about him or her.

Another option is to look for certified baby-sitters in your city (for example, the city I live in has Rocket City Sitters). Sitters are usually required to be up-to-date in their First Aid and Child CPR certification, have three to five references, and pass a criminal background check.

Regardless of how you find someone, it’s definitely important to have a child-care provider you trust.

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  1. I highly recommend using I have been on their babysitting team and it has been the best babysitting referral company to work through. SeekingSitters has in-house licensed private investigators that do a hands on background screening on each babysitter. Parents who use SeekingSitters know they are getting a babysitter who has gone through pre-screening qualifications, personally interviewed by the local SeekingSitters owner, background screened, verified up to date CPR and FA Certifications, and several references are diligently contacted to verify the Contract Professional Sitter’s work history and experience level with children. SeekingSitters does all the work for families- families can log into their account and review sitter profiles and feedback each sitter has received from families that have used them. SeekingSitters maintains a safe babysitting community for the babysitters and families.

  2. I live in Australia and have have been a nanny & baby sitter for many families. Most of those contacts were made through word of mouth and friends of friends. However I did get a few jobs while I was at TAFE studying Childcare.
    In Australia you have to have a police check before you begin studying any form of child care and you gain a First Aid certificate with the training being focused around Childcare. Most of my fellow students had been babysitters before so they had references.

    People would contact the TAFE and have a notice put up on a notice board. I thought it was a great way to find someone affordable who was well trained. And Students always need a form of income!

    Even if you arent in Australia I would consider looking into your local educational facilities. I would also insist on references and a face to face interview.

    Hope this helps people 🙂

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