How my three-year-old niece and I bonded over Medusa

The first time Maggie saw it when she was around two and a half, she asked me, "who's that?" "That's Medusa, Maggie. She has snakes for hair," I explained. She laughed, thinking it was hilarious. This became a constant back and forth nearly every time she saw me — asking about Medusa, laughing at the snake-hair. I quipped one day that it must be really hard for her to brush her hair. Maggie also thought this was hilarious and incorporated it into the routine — "So funny!" she'd say, hands over her mouth as she giggled.


"Do you want him to be gay?" Musings on gender roles, assumptions, and raising self-aware kids

We spend a lot of time talking about empowering girls to break gender barriers. Which is important — we should. And there is plenty more work to do in that arena. But now I have a boy to raise. And if he wants to play dress-up instead of hockey, or wear his hair long or short, or become a fashion designer or watch HGTV instead of judge shows (fingers crossed), or if he likes girls or boys or nobody at all, I want him to know that it's OK.


When love becomes thicker than blood

In January of 2012, I chose to become a single mother. I packed what I could I fit into our minivan and left my fiancé of five years, my "son" whom I had raised since he was six-months-old, and an unhealthy partnership. I parked in a parking lot, only blocks from our house and cried. My two sons slept quietly in their car seats.