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Our homes are made up of lots of working parts — bedrooms, redecorated kitchens, upgraded baths, ogle-worthy renos, ticks and tricks for cleaning and organizing, and real home tours all live here to represent the spaces of your Offbeat Home.

Birch Tree Mural Nursery

The second I found out I was pregnant I started imagining what kind of mural I wanted to paint in our baby’s room. Even though my parents weren’t ‘artists’ they both painted murals in my brother’s and my room when we were growing up.

A germy affair

Last Friday, while at drop-in gymnastics, Oliver and I had stopped at the water fountain to get a much-needed drink of water. (I am aware that any germ haters in the audience are starting to get a little squirmy here). After Oliver was done having his drink, I found myself staring into the face of […]

Marijuana might have made me a healthier mom

One mother who suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy did her research and learned that her best medicine was probably going to be illegal.

Conquering Shared Space for Teenagers

I have two stepdaughters. They don’t live with us full time. And this summer they drove me absolutely INSANE. They fought all summer due to lack of personal space and feeling like people view them as a solid unit as opposed to individuals. They’re in that place, developmentally, where they REALLY need to have their own individual identity.

The Bot’s Room

The illustrious blogger, soon-to-be mama and previously Offbeat Bride-featured Steampunk Bride,  The Pregonaut, did an AMAZING job with her little Bot’s room and was stoked to share it with us. Bask in the pop art glory awesomeness of these new digs! – Offbeat Shrie We’re at 38 weeks and the room is finally complete! Now […]

Meet David, our DILF o’ the week!

I love these photos of this week’s hottie dad — this is David and his son Jace. The shots were taken at the June 2009 wedding of David and his wife Amber. To feast your eyes on one more hot dad/cute kid shot, keep reading! Thanks again to Amber for sharing her good looking guy […]

Eating placenta rocked my post-partum world

So, while I know it’s not for everyone (and it did smell kinda like funky beef jerky) eating my placenta really turned my birth recovery up a notch.

How I turned my kid’s room into an undersea dream for less than $100

My son loves animals. Since he was three he has wanted to be one of three things: A dolphin trainer, a shark trainer, or a zoo keeper. At one point he even wanted to marry a T-Rex. Me: So when you get older what do you think your wife will be like? Him: She will […]