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My favorite 5 minute meal: Egg and avocado toast

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner — ever since I discovered I can make egg and avocado on toast in less than five minutes, it’s become my go-to meal when I’m short on time. In addition to being fast, it’s filling, full of protein, and only about 300 calories!

Perfect travel-friendly lamb and beef gyro burritos

These gyro burritos are the perfect take-along meal to bring with you when you are camping or hiking. You can make them ahead of time and store them in your cooler, or pack the ingredients separately and assemble them when you’re ready to eat!

How to make wheat and dairy-free blender muffins

Sometimes nothing satisfies like a warm muffin. I love this recipe because not only is it dairy and wheat-free, it is also void of refined sugar and has just a trace of oil. Even better, you whip it all up in your blender!

My experience in amateur cake decorating: aka How to make easy birthday cakes

My experience in amateur cake decorating has been really positive. People don’t appear mad at my cakes (even if they are sometimes crooked). With a few hacks, you too can learn to make easy birthday cakes too…

The easiest stir fry sauce recipe ever

This is Offbeat Homie Erin, aka HippoandRiley‘s, recipe for the “easiest stir fry sauce ever.” And you can make it all in one jar…

5 really good reasons to own a food dehydrator (psst: one is “avocado chips”)

If you own one, it’s time to pull out of whatever cupboard or garage shelf you have it in, and get it up and running again! If you don’t, you may end up like me, and really feel like you should get one after reading these 5 really good reasons you need a food dehydrator…