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How to use leftover fruit peels to make homemade jelly in under an hour

If you’re a baker, you sometimes find yourself with a fresh apple pie and a mound of leftover apple peels. Next time, don’t trash those peels! Make homemade jelly!

Let me tell you about the box of produce I get from a farm each week

The first time I heard of CFAs was back in 2003, visiting relatives on Long Island. I was chilling in their kitchen when my aunt comes bursting into the door, cardboard box in tow, squealing, “The CFA is here!” My immediate thought: WTF is a CFA?

Home roasting coffee for a more delicious caffeine habit

My husband and I took on a challenge: we aren’t buying food at grocery stores or restaurants for a year. That also means no chain coffee shops. I had to find an alternative.

Forage for your food: 3 plants you can eat tonight

Spring is springing, plants have sprouted, and I bet $10 you can find enough edible greens for a tasty salad within a mile of your front door. You may even be able to bring home enough for dinner tonight.

Surprisingly vegan-able recipe: A savory Japanese meat and potato dish

I LOVE THIS STEW. It’s been one of my favorites for two winters now — it’s hearty, and it’s not yo mama’s beef stew.

Entertaining Offbeat Eaters: feeding all the different diets at your party

It’s basic party planning: “What can I serve?” Kids these days have all sorts of dietary requirements and it can throw a wrench in party planning. Let’s talk about Offbeat Eaters.

The Smacks Crispies Experiment

In January 2011, seven friends embarked upon an adventure to create new, more delicious Rice Crispies-type treat. Absinthe was consumed. 11 pans of snacks emerged. Would another cereal make an even tastier snack than puffed rice?

Making cheese: super noms, super easy

I recently undertook cheesemaking, using common household ingredients. Making your own cheese sounds pretty involved, right? You won’t believe how simple it is — and you might be inspired to make your own cheese tonight!