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Food that FEELS good vs food that just tastes good

As you may have heard, last year I got divorced. One of the big shifts I dealt with after the split was adapting to solo food preparation duties… and in fact, completely relearning my relationship with hunger, food, and nourishing myself.

A big part of this shift was relearning how food feels in my body…

It’s not “ruining a diet,” it’s called “living life”

To tell people who are so committed to a part of their lives that it could be in jeopardy from a single hot dog (or an entire plate full of them) is ridiculous. And it’s part of what is wrong with the “diet culture” in our society. It’s not a fucking diet. It’s just life…

The 5 super-simple things that’ll help brew the perfect cup of coffee

I bought a coffee pot, and got to brewing. I thought to myself… How hard can it be? Measure out the right amount, throw in some water, hit the switch and you’re good to go. Boy was I wrong.

After trial and error, here are the five simple things that’ll help you brew the perfect cup of coffee…

Use these salt substitutes to keep your low-salt foods flavorful

The overwhelming consensus was that once you stop using salt, after a while you get used to it and stop missing salt. But there are also a lot of great salt substitute suggestions…

How to make, assemble, roll, and freeze the perfect bean burrito!

We were getting a bit sick of sandwiches at our house, and dinner doesn’t always have enough leftovers, so I started making burritos. Through some trial and error I came up with the perfect bean burrito that we were both happy with and could be an easy lunch for us.

The secrets to a perfectly fancy-pants cheese board (spoiler: it’s dead easy)

I recently assembled a dry run of a dead simple fall-themed cheese board for the upcoming holiday season that I desperately want to share with you. It’s one of those party staples that taps into our inner Lunchable desires while still being totally lush. It’s like cheese and crackers gone upscale. The best part is you just have to slice a little, arrange a little (which you know we love!), and serve.