Since we can’t all dine together like one big happy family, we can at least attempt to feed each other via these Homie-approved recipes.

How to make wheat and dairy-free blender muffins

Sometimes nothing satisfies like a warm muffin. I love this recipe because not only is it dairy and wheat-free, it is also void of refined sugar and has just a trace of oil. Even better, you whip it all up in your blender!

The easiest stir fry sauce recipe ever

This is Offbeat Homie Erin, aka HippoandRiley‘s, recipe for the “easiest stir fry sauce ever.” And you can make it all in one jar…

How to make, assemble, roll, and freeze the perfect bean burrito!

We were getting a bit sick of sandwiches at our house, and dinner doesn’t always have enough leftovers, so I started making burritos. Through some trial and error I came up with the perfect bean burrito that we were both happy with and could be an easy lunch for us.

The secret of the casserole: Demolish leftovers with this easy casserole hack

Every casserole follows the same basic schematic. And once you know that, you can use it to get rid of leftovers, get more greens into your diet, experiment with flavor profiles, and generally be a dinner genius. My favorite of these is the secret of the casserole…

Try this easy chocolate pie recipe that’s “like pie crust filled with brownie batter”

This easy chocolate pie recipe is GOOD. Both my mother-in-law and husband, (aka our resident picky eaters) loved it and said it was like a pie crust filled with brownie batter.

I advocate buying pre-made crust. After that it’s mix, pour, bake, and voilà: pie! And if you’ve got your fancy pants on, you can even make whipped cream to top it…

Try this astoundingly-easy slow cooker curry recipe

You know we love slow cookers and we love offbeat curries, so let’s combine the two with this recipe! It’s dairy, sugar, and gluten-free. It’s vegan if you leave out the meat. It’s extremely customizable. And I just love slow cooker meals as it cuts down on the chaos of that pre-dinner hour that young children bring.