The easiest, lowest-investment neighborhood improvement you can make: eyeball graffiti

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I am a sucker for googly eyes. I keep buying them. FOR NO REASON. When I pass them in an aisle I black out, only coming to as I walk out of the store, several packs of googly eyes in my bag.

Finally, I have a use for them: eyebombing. What is eyebombing?

Eyebombing is the act of setting googly eyes on inanimate things in the public space.

Ultimately the goal is to humanize the streets, and bring sunshine to people passing by.

Oh I am IN! You know I’m way into bringing art to one’s neighborhood, and this is an easy, cheap, low-risk way to do it — and you could even eye bomb around your office to liven it up! Here are a few great eyebombing finds, courtesy

I love this one’s caption: “I’m a spoiled railing. People pet me all day!”

As always, if you have photos of your own eyebombings, I hope to see them in the Offbeat Home Flickr pool.

Comments on The easiest, lowest-investment neighborhood improvement you can make: eyeball graffiti

  1. …is that railing on the bottom in Omaha? It looks like a railing I know…

    This could be the answer to so many things in our neighborhood that just need a little something…

  2. i do this randomly & didn’t know it was a “thing” – this is AWESOME!! i work on a college campus & like doing things like this during midterms & finals week to liven spirits. some of my coworkers LOVE it, and have no idea it’s me (which i love). i can’t wait to check out more pictures of others doing this – thank you for sharing!

  3. This is awesome! It’s like when the deer crossing signs near my parents’ place mysteriously develop red sticker noses around the holiday season.

    It’s creative, cute and not hurting anything.

  4. YAY!!!!

    I <3 googly eyes and will now be carrying them on my person.

    Also, favorite thing for me to do is to stick googly eyes on my dog's butt and make her wag her tail. It's even funnier with a dog with a nub tail.

  5. LOVE IT. I’m so glad this is a thing that exists. I did it to my netbook during NaNoWriMo (with a felt moustache that my child later ripped off), and the thing garnered both amused smiles and horrified looks. (I liked to think the people across from me felt like my computer was staring at them. Knowing they were looking at porn.)

  6. I love how each one seems to have a different expression, even though it’s just the same eyes on otherwise faceless objects.

    I am so tempted to do this, and probably will when I start my new job next month (I already know it’s the type of office where googly eyes would be appreciated).

    I’d have to be careful what I stuck them to of mine though because I have a really hard time parting with anything that has a face.

  7. i totally have 3 bags of varying sized goggly eyes in a drawer….. i shall move them to my handbag… along with a tube of glue and a roll of double sided tape….

  8. Haha–I love this! I just made a display typeface out of googly eyes–I bought 3800 of them (OY!). And…I have lots of extras so this sounds like an awesome idea.

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