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Time lapse video of a Halifax neighborhood painting an intersection/block partying it up

Recently, a neighborhood in Halifax, Nova Scotia got together to paint an intersection/have a block party. One of the people involved put together this time lapse video, and another neighborhood Homie let us in on the details, including an unexpected outcome from this community street art…

Offbeat Homies Weekend Challenge: anthropomorphize ALL THE THINGS!

Inspired by Sandrine Estrade Boulet‘s awesome street-art inspired work, this weekend’s Offbeat Homies Weekend Challenge is to go out into your neighborhood and anthropomorphize some shit, and then take hilarious photos of it!

This could be as easy as eye-bombing or as complex as using chalk, yarn, or other mixed materials to create a temporary humanoid form out of a found object or natural element.

Here’s how to play…

The easiest, lowest-investment neighborhood improvement you can make: eyeball graffiti

I am a sucker for googly eyes. I keep buying them. FOR NO REASON. When I pass them in an aisle I black out, only coming to as I walk out of the store, several packs of googly eyes in my bag.

Finally, I have a use for them: eyebombing.

Print and post street flyers in your neighborhood

All the cool kids are talking about street art. Big-name street artists have been in hugely successful art films (okay, so as successful as art films can get) and have brands. But it’s so exciting because anyone can do it.

There is almost no barrier to entry. You don’t have to buy paints, you don’t have to get in trouble, you don’t have to have an amazing idea, and nobody even needs to know who you are. And it’s really, really, really fun to make something — even if all you did was trace a skull on a sticker and slap in on a fire hydrant. Making things is totally an addictive cycle.

So if you are among the uninitiated, consider me your street art candy man. I will give you three easy starter projects you can just Save As, Print, and post — or grab a magic marker and a sheet of A5 and replicate.

Clean out the books you don’t want in stranger-interactive ways

Sometimes when you’re a Reader, books get… overwhelming. They start to take up every end table, the back of every toilet, the dining room table top. You might be ready to part with your books — but only for an appreciative soul.

Our corner has noisy, dangerous traffic. What can I do to change it?

The tl;dr version: I live on a dangerous noisy corner and I want to change that. I’m really hoping you guys can help me find a solution.

Join the urban knitting movement and brighten your neighborhood with plant pockets

Having fallen in love with urban knitting, I wanted to follow up my previous adventures with a project my husband and I can work on together. I’m no master knitter, but the world needs more tiny gardens.

Guerrilla art: neighborhood beautification without the blech

Have you thought about yarn bombing your neighborhood playground? Is there a building on your street that needs aesthetic help? Use this street art inspiration to plan a happening.