What can I do with our oddly-placed extra room?

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After living with a roommate for five years, my fiance and I will finally have our house to ourselves. (Yay!). We live in a ’50s-style California ranch, that was originally a two-bedroom, one bath, plus living area rectangle. The previous owners built an addition of a garage and master bedroom.

The only problem is that you have to walk through one of the bedrooms to get to the master suite. While we’ve lived with a roommate, the extra room has been used as our office, but once he’s out, we’re relocating our office to the second bedroom, for maximum privacy and minimal cat hair!

Our problem is what to do with this “in-between” room. It’s not really feasible as a guest room because of the lack of privacy. Any ideas what to do with this overblown hallway space? -Kylie

Offbeat Home editor consensus is that this could be become the most awesome dressing room EVAR. But we’d love to hear what all y’all can think up as well!

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  1. my first thought would be epic walk in closet, esp since it’s off your master bedroom but I have way too much clothing, so that is where my mind goes when considering extra space. you could totally DIY something that looked as epic as those room sized closets the celebrities always had on MTV Cribs. you could keep off-season clothing in it if you have enough storage in your bedroom for seasonal clothing.
    Consider what you have too much off- it could be an exercise room if you have a stationary bike lying around, a lounge room if you have some extra furniture or fabric to make floor cushions, a craft room if you have crafting supplies (or a crafting or sewing storage room).

  2. I like the entryway idea since it seems to be used that way frequently, but then expanded for some extra seating & storage, plus my immediate first thought: a secretary for short clerical jobs like sorting mail (but then again, maybe your regular desk/office isn’t full of other stuff all the time like mine is).

  3. What’s your laundry situation? I might get the room plumbed for laundry and turn it into a mudroom/laundry. My dad is a contractor and for Christmas he turned my tiny extra bedroom that is next to the master bedroom into a tiled laundry room. He built in those boxes that front loaders sit on and included giant drawers. We are a family of four and I have enough space in those two drawers to store all my extra sheets and blankets. I still haven’t put in cabinetry, but I love not having to drag laundry to the basement anymore.

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