How can we eat on the floor without making our guests feel weird?

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Floor tea-parties might work great for you, but how can you make your guests feel comfortable? Tea time © by Mr.Thomas, used under Creative Commons license.
My fiance and I love to eat on the floor. We have a table that we like and we sometimes use it, but we’re just more comfortable on the floor.

We recently had a friend over for dinner and it was a little weird for him, so I want to come up with ways to make eating on the floor more comfortable for guests.

I could start by investing in some cushions or mats, but I’d be interested in any other ideas you guys have. -Becky

We’re going to open this one up to the brilliance of the Offbeat Homies hive-mind: Other than cushions or mats, what can you do to make eating on the floor feel comfortable… and maybe even a bit posh?

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  1. Yes! Yes! Thank you for posting this! I’ve been considering doing this in our home though with a low table. Now how do I manage to incorporate a squiggly one year old? I’d love to do this as long as I can figure out a modified high chair solution for him (he outgrew the bumpo, and we’ve been just feeding him on the floor but he’s getting too squiggly.). If you guys help me figure this out I promise I’ll post before and after photos!

  2. Its great to be able to sit on floor. Squatting, padmasan, or just plan fold legs n sit, all very comfortable. but for most it seems poor and cheap. Some cannot just even fold their legs to sit on ground, with their back straight.
    I guess it has to be made to look posh n rich persons way, n stylish….that’s what people like. they will go to a restaurant where its that way but wont do it at home.

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