8 easy pumpkin decorating ideas for lazy parents

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SO many fun pumpkins, so little pumpkin mess.

This is going to be the first Halloween that my kid actually knows what’s going on. He’s set on decorating pumpkins, but I’m a single parent and am dreading the moment when we’re mid pumpkin-carving and he’s over it, and I’m left with giant mess and a toddler who’s running rampant. Are there any easy pumpkin decorating ideas that I need to know about asap?

-Long-time reader, first-time parent

Oh did you come to the right place… I am unafraid to admit to the masses that I am the laziest of parents! And the last thing I need this Halloween (or in life in general) is another mess to clean up. So here are some easy pumpkin decorating ideas that won’t leave you covered in seeds and despair. (Bonus: Most of these can be ordered and picked up or delivered asap, including one I purchased for my own easy pumpkin decorating time with my own kid.)

Dia de los Muertos Skull Pumpkin Decoration Kit — bonus points for a skull-white pumpkin!
Pumpkin Monster Decorating Kit (Just ditch the “painting the pumpkin” part for truly no-mess. What? Monsters can’t be orange?)
DIY Mini Pumpkin Decorating Kit — if you can’t get the kit in time, you can just use colored paper, cups, and toilet paper.
Sally Pumpkin Push In Kit — It’s Disney-sanctioned so it’s kinda expensive, but re-usable! Or you could probably DIY this.
‘Scary Good Fun’ Confetti Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Kit — for your adult-friendly “easy pumpkin decorating” hack.
T-Rex Dinosaur Pumpkin Decorating Kit — I purchased this one for my dinosaur-obsessed toddler, along with a green pumpkin! I’m truly excited about doing it with her this weekend.
Plastic Monster Pumpkin Pushins — It’s like a Mr Potato Head kit for pumpkins! And you can change them around as much as you want to keep your kid busy, and your hands clean.

You’re welcome, and have a happy (lazy) Halloween from Offbeat Home!

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