14 go-to easy breakfast ideas from our readers (for really easy mornings)

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easy breakfast ideas
Almond ricotta breakfast toast from Bijoux & Bits

Back in the summer, we featured a call-out to readers for their favorite super-easy breakfasts and you delivered! Y’all delivered so hard that I had to pull out the ideas into a post to share. The recipes are solid, easy, and sound guh-mazing. I’ve divided them into categories: oats and grains, stuff on toast, and yogurt and smoothies. It’s all pretty healthy and a lot are vegetarian, too.

More recipes can be found here if you want to expand your recipe repertoire. But if not, prepare to be inundated with genius easy breakfast ideas straight from your fellow readers that will have you throwing yummies into bowls at break-neck pace. Let’s get to the FUD…

Oats & grains

My breakfasts usually consist of 30 grams of oatmeal, 250 grams of store-bought plain yoghurt (or vanilla yoghurt if I can get my hands on a lactose-free variety) and 125 grams or so of fruit. The fruit is either fresh and chopped (an apple, two peaches,…) or frozen berries in summer. I can’t be bothered with more work than that in the morning. – uwrugbybunny

For breakfast, I love warm polenta with vegan sausages and a fried egg on top. I always have polenta in the pantry, vegan sausages in the freezer, and eggs in the fridge. I switch it up by replacing the vegan sausages with some lightly sautéed fresh tomatoes and kale. – Alysssa

easy breakfast ideas
Chunky monkey overnight oats

I love overnight oats — I make them in a jar, just layering oats (about 1/4 of the jar), some raisins, 2 tsp of chia and 2 of flax seeds. Pour almond milk until it’s barely covered (I like the flavor, normal milk would work as well). Top with yogurt until 2/3 of the jar. Add a few whole almonds. Top with fresh fruit and honey or maple syrup if you want. Put the lid on and leave it overnight in the fridge. Sometimes I’ll change the raisins or almonds to other fruit/nuts. Sometimes I’ll add shredded coconut (it’s yummy with bananas, and chocolate chips would be heavenly as well). – wednesday

easy breakfast ideas
Rooty tooty nutty fruity overnight oats

Apple cinnamon oatmeal: Soak steel-cut oats in yogurt or milk of your choice in the fridge overnight (1:2 oats to milk ratio is a good starting point). Throw in some chopped apples and cinnamon in the morning and enjoy! Can be served hot or cold. Delicious variations include adding almond butter or maple syrup. – mariah.e.young

easy breakfast ideas
5-minute Savory Breakfast Quinoa from Simply Quinoa

I’m not a big fan of sweet foods for breakfast, and I’m lazy in the morning. I like to prepare a big pot of whatever grain (quinoa, white or brown rice, or whole wheat couscous are some of my favorites) over the weekend, along with some sauteed veggies (I love spinach, onion, mushroom, and tomato in any combination), and then scoop out individual servings on weekday mornings to top with a fried or scrambled egg.

Sometimes I add some feta, blue cheese, or Parmesan if I feel like it, or some sliced avocado. The key is to have the grains and veggies pre-cooked so breakfast can be ready as quickly as I can cook an egg. Sometimes, if I’m tired of eggs, I’ll scramble up some crumbled seasoned tofu over the weekend instead, and then all I have to do is assemble my bowl and microwave it. Also, did you know oatmeal could be savory too? (Top with leftover cooked veggies, fried egg, drizzle of olive oil, Parmesan = yum!). – Clevelandkat

Oatmeal + sugar + cocoa powder + milk (almond milk?) = epic. Especially if you have a zombie head bowl so it looks like you’re eating chocolate brains. – Aurora

Instant grits with cheddar cheese mixed in, topped with some sautéed veggies (I like onions, bell peppers, and kale), and a soft fried, poached, or boiled egg with a nice runny yolk, and finished with hot sauce. Add crumbled cooked bacon if you so desire. – Laura

Stuff on toast

easy breakfast ideas
Almond ricotta breakfast toast

I love using ricotta as a spread on toast. I use this recipe as a start and then add in whatever nuts, fruit, whatever I have on hand. Drizzle it with honey or maple syrup and you’ve got a creamy treat in the am. – Samhalf

easy breakfast ideas
Everything bagel avocado toast

Yogurt & smoothies

easy breakfast ideas
Healthy 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Granola from Amy’s Healthy Baking

I don’t like yogurt on its own, so recipes like that don’t usually do it for me. My partner does like yogurt though, especially with granola. It sounds daunting, but homemade granola is super easy to make, and much much cheaper than store-bought. I use a slow cooker recipe my partner found and it’s great, though I’m cheap and use rice krispies where the author uses a fancy organic brown rice cereal, – Shlemar

When I’m in the mood to pretend I like a healthy breakfast (instead of buttered white toast), I do one banana (fresh, because they last about a week in the bowl so are easy to top up), a large spoonful of peanut butter, a large spoonful of cocoa powder, and milk. Blitz, drink, feel like you’ve got the whole health thing sussed while still getting to drink what’s essentially a chocolate milkshake for breakfast. – MinaKelly

easy breakfast ideas
5-Minute Banana Smoothie Recipe from Inspired Taste

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  1. Yum!

    A favorite of mine is any of the varieties of baked oatmeal from Budget Bytes. I usually make a double batch and it lasts for two weeks of breakfasts.

  2. Buttered toasted bagel with canned baked beans on top – quick, filling go-to anytime meal. If I have a little more time I also like to fry tomato slices with spices in a little butter as well.

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