Easy Instant Pot recipes for your new cooking obsession

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I learned about Instant Pots from this post. And then, not long after publishing it, my partner was all, “hey, have you heard about this cool thing called an Instant Pot!?” Um… yeah. Read Offbeat Home much? So we added on to our wedding registry.

We used our brand spanking new Instant Pot for the first time the other week, using a very easy first timer recipe. And now we’re hooked! It’s Megan-simple and quick. And I want MORE easy Instant Pot recipes (bonus points for being healthy). So I put our a request on Facebook, and got these responses. (And then I want to hear yours!)…

My whole family loves this…

I brown a nice, well-marbled roast, then deglaze the bottom with a cup of wine. I throw the roast, a half cup of honey BBQ sauce, a half cup of whole grain mustard, and a bit of oil, alone with three cloves of garlic into the pot, and set on “Meat” for 45 min.

Serve with roasted potatoes and salad. YUM. It was one of those meals that I came up with from just having a bit of wine left in a bottle, a half empty bottle of BBQ sauce, and some mustard in the back of the fridge. And now I have to keep all of these items on hand because I make it once a week! -Kate

Lifehacker has some good ones. I swear by their egg recipe. -Miranda

We love making chicken taco meat by pressure cooking boneless skinless chicken breast with a can of Rotel with the juice. If you like the extra kick, like we do, use the Rotel with Habanero! It is great for taco/taco salad and enchilada filling. Sooooo Tasty! -Jamie

These beans are easy, fast and very tasty! Pretty healthy. -Angela

Ahhhh! LOVE my instant pot! My favorite recipe is quick red beans and rice!

  • 1 diced green pepper
  • 1 diced onion
  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 1 1/4 cups chicken broth
  • 1 sliced smoked sausage (I usually get Eckridge farm and use the whole thing)
  • Creole seasoning to taste (I sprinkle some on each layer as I’m adding to pot, makes it just a touch above mild, but not too spicy)
  • 2 cans dark red kidney beans (drained)

Throw it all into the pot, seal the lid, and set to Manual (high pressure) for 28 mins and walk away! When it’s done, you can quick release, then remove the lid, stir and serve! -Katie S

I made ramen broth in my instant pot and it tastes like ramen broth!!!

I made ramen broth in my instant pot and it tastes like ramen broth!

A couple of pounds of pork shoulder with the shoulder blade, a couple of chicken breasts, a bunch of green onions, about a quarter of a cup of soy sauce, and some black pepper. Turn it on to sauté and brown the pork. Oh, and a bunch of mushrooms. Throw those in there with everything else and fill with water to the max line. Put the lid on, hit the soup button. Let it natural release, strain, and then put it in a pot on medium low for an hour or so, and skim off and gross looking scum stuff. Serve with whatever the hell you want. It’ll be good.

I make a gallon of homemade yogurt at a time using the “Yogurt” setting!

Just boil until 180, cool to 115 then add 1/4 cups prepared yogurt, and incubate for 12-14 hours. Then strain for super thick, tart Greek yogurt.

We also “bake” up several russet potatoes for the week by pressure cooking on high in the steamer rack with 1 cup of water for 10ish minutes. They’re great to dice up for a breakfast hash or cut lengthwise and roast in the oven with butter for really quick and crispy on the outside (but actually cooked on the inside) fries. -Danielle

Three words: Nom Nom Paleo. -Sarah P

Now I want to hear YOUR easy Instant Pot recipes. Lay ’em on me in the comments!

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