This $1000 dragon puts regular ol’ rocking horses to shame

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Photo via Hammacher Schlemmer.

Hey, so, here’s the deal: if 20 of us throw in $50 each, we can all go in on this $1000 dragon. Maybe it can be a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants kind of thing, but instead of a pair of jeans that magically looks good on each of us, it’ll be a four foot tall stuffed dragon our kids can play on.

I mean, just read this description:

Capable of manifesting any conceivable fantasy role a child might envision — trusted steed, village menace, wish granter, treasure guardian — it is built with a structural steel frame that supports a rider up to 150 lbs. Meticulously constructed by artists, each unique serpentine companion is created from 129 individual pieces that are made from a custom-designed fabric “hide” hand sewn using an “inside out” stitching method that minimizes visible seams. Its carefully sculpted body provides realistic musculature and shape while delicate airbrushing brings out subtle color differences, replicating all the iconic details of the legendary beast, including its reptilian ears, dorsal spines, webbed wings, and armored scales. Its aggressive, wide stance suggests ancient strength, yet its soulful eyes and toothless, pink-lipped, forked-tongued mouth assigns benevolence appropriate for a bedroom or playroom companion.

It supports a rider up to 150 lbs! I’m totally getting this, right after that diamond-encrusted pacifier.

Comments on This $1000 dragon puts regular ol’ rocking horses to shame

  1. Hey! It’s strong enough to support me! (Now I just need $1000 that I can part with…. Or, as you mentioned, $50 and 19 other people with $50 and a need to own a dragon…)

  2. Forget the kids- this would go in my bedroom, and wear my tophat and a cape.

    Now if only I could get someone to fund my fantasy. I can see it now: “Young fantasy geek seeks sugardaddy for all her dragon-buying needs”

  3. I’m totally down. I would love to have a rocking dragon time share! (It may be tough to explain, as I don’t even have kids yet, but maybe I could call it An Investment [in happiness]?)

  4. I don’t have to wait to have kids to get this, right? I can just get it for me? It can totally support my weight, sooooo… pretty much a done deal.

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