A simple, turquoise dorm room fort

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I dug up an old Craftster thread this week and found a dorm fort to share!

When WeRnotALONE’s roommate left town, she went to work on building herself a bed fort.

She had this to say about her project:

All dorm beds have holes in the posts in case you and your roommate want to bunk your beds. All you have to do is go out an buy dowel rods that fit in them.

I taped another dowel rod to the two in the holes (which is where woodglue or something would have been helpful). Then I took the fabric and stretched it across. The dowel rods bend under the weight, so I secured them (think like a suspension bridge) to my desk on one side and my fridge on the other. To keep the fabric from sinking too low, I tied a string to one of the dowel rods and took a sewing needle and put it through the fabric and tied it to the other side.

Basically, I had no plan beyond the dowel rods, so everything afterwards is sort of incidental. I plan on making it prettier when I get fishing line, but for now it’s good.

An aqua dream fort. Love it!

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  1. I did something similar when I was living on campus. I used PVC pipe and hung it by the 3m removable clips from the ceiling. Then hung the fabric like curtains around my bed.

  2. For my first two years of residence living I had a ceiling low enough for me to create my “sea of stars”. I pinned green netting to the ceiling, and hung tin christmas stars from it so I would give myself something to look at as I fell asleep. It gave my room so much more character, and made it feel like less of a box and more of a place I actually wanted to be.

  3. I loved my dorm too. Personalizing it really made it feel like a place I wanted to spend time in, even invite friends to share such a tiny space. I loved it and actually wouldn’t mind living in such a small space again (preferably with cleaner bathrooms though!)

  4. I once bought 40 yards of blue tulle at the fabric store to create matching ULTIMATE canopies for my room mate and I. I made them into curtains and hung them from embroidery hoops which were then hung from the ceiling.

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