Make your own Sonic Screwdriver

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Homies and fellow Dr. Whoians, this twelve-year-old is about to school you on how to build your own Sonic Screwdriver. I KNOW, I KNOW: I was super excited when I found out this video existed, too. If you don’t watch Dr. Who, you may now be scratching your head and wondering what the hell a Sonic Screwdriver even is! In short, it’s the tool that The Doctor uses for a variety of things — picking locks, tracking aliens, and other everyday Doctor activities. If you’re still fuzzy, Wikipedia can tell you all about it.

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  1. would somebody please write a list with the needed things?
    Even tho I can speak english pretty well(I think) I still don´t understand what he´s unsing since I never heard any of these word because I never had to built something with an english instruction.
    that would be really nice :3

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