Diversity is SO IN: this video perfectly captures why we can’t view diversity as a “trend”

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“But Black Panther only just came out!”

It’s so true that diversity and inclusion are big ol’ buzzwords in media lately. Recently, between movies like Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians, we’re seeing teeny tiny snippets of slightly more inclusive media. I mean, it’s always been a thing: add in a token person of color or woman to your news anchor team, superhero squad, voting ballots, or 20-something sitcom friends. Well, not those Friends at least. But now audiences are asking for more — more inclusion, more marginalized groups represented in politics and communities, and more realistic portrayals of race, gender, sexual orientation, body size, etc. And way less tokenization.

That’s why this video from College Humor, written by Rekha Shankar, hits the nail right on the head. Diversity isn’t a fad or a trend: it’s something that we need to be improving upon constantly and forever. It’s been spearheaded with consistent progress by hard-working people in all marginalized groups trying to see more of themselves in media since, you know, life itself is diverse as hell. Shouldn’t our media options reflect that?

In this hilarious “super chill” video that looks straight out of an after-school special preceding an episode of Saved By The Bell, we’ll see how diversity as a trend is regressive and that we can all do better.


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