Proudly displaying my boudoir photos without making them too in-your-face

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Carlita asks,

I did these gorgeous boudoir photos as a gift to my wife. Despite my insecurities, I feel confident and awesome about these photos and would love to have one framed and displayed somewhere in our house… but I don’t want to shove my thighs down my guests’ throats!

So I need to know, Homies: where do you display boudoir shots? What do you DO with them!?

Ooh, good question. Offbeat Wed and Offbeat Families have each had their say on boudoir shots — though they don’t cover what to do with the shots once you’ve got ’em, they’re a nice reference for anyone thinking about it.

But Homies, what have you got to say? Where do your nudie shots hang? Bonus points if you can share a photo of your big-ass pinup shot hanging over your bed!

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  1. My hubs proudly cycles the images from my wedding-gift boudoir shoot as the backdrop on his home computer the monitor actually being our giant TV! He enjoys seeing me peer out over his browser windows at him, or seeing me smile at him when he closes a project. The lingerie doesn’t seem to hurt the affect either. It gets swapped out when company comes over, however 🙂

  2. Love boudoir photography. I am an aspiring photographer and my boyfriend and i are currently long distance so i decided to do some for him. I had a friend take them of me-with my advice for shooting-and made a little black book for him. He lives in the fire station in Colorado for now so i wanted to keep it private. I wish i would have saved it for valentines day but i was too anxious to give it to him. Anyone have some suggestions for what i could do with one of those pictures to give him for vday? I cant frame a big one because he lives there (other wise i would do that, and plan to when i move out)but i wanted to do something with one or a couple of them. Any ideas..? Much appreciated!

  3. The best idea I’ve heard of is hanging them on your bedroom door on the inside, or behind the door. That way, when the door is closed (because guests won’t really be in your room with the door closed) they’re on display. If the door is open, they stay hidden.

  4. Thanks, a really great refresher list.

    No one said pocket door… Or behind a sliding glass closet door, you can only see it when the door is closed from the inside.

  5. My problem wouldn’t be with having boudoir photos hanging, it’d be with MY boudoir photos hanging. It just seems a little…conceited?… to have “look at me! I’m sexy! See?” hanging on the walls lol

  6. My photographer was awesome, and was really happy with some of the shots she got. She asked if I would be okay with her displaying some of my shots on her blog, and I had a brave moment, so I said yes. 🙂 I’m the first 4 photos here:

    I chose to print the photos I chose in a “little black book” (which we keep hidden away just for fun,) then have a couple of wallet sized pics made of the fourth photo down, and a 4×6 of another photo, in black and white, in the nightie I’m wearing in the first photo to put in our bedroom.

    My husband and I have gotten lots of compliments on his wallet size photos, and a few on the one in our bedroom. Neither are super sexy – in the one in our bedroom, I’m just kneeling on the bed, laughing – so even the few guys who’ve been in our bedroom have commented on how nice I look without giving it a second thought! We’ve always lived in apartments, so no master bath, but I love the idea of displaying a few there. Maybe some day.

  7. I got some done for hubby for his birthday after we got married. I was shocked and amazed about how good they were and was so nervous displaying them.. so I got my fav (because I have to look at it too) made into a big A2 poster (which was cheap as) then used a large glass collage frame, took out the individual slots, and is now sitting on top of the large drawers we have in our bedroom behind the door. If you looked in the room you wouldn’t see it but from the bed: Oh yes!

  8. For our boudoir/pin up clients we do beauty shots too. The hair and make up is done so we take some photos they can share with everyone. Also very popular are accordion pocket size books for their loved one. Little brag books make a great wedding gift for the spouse. We also do artistic and more abstract photos including close ups. The more abstract the easier it is to display these in the home or bedroom. And, then it isn’t a look at that photo of me hanging on the wall situation. To each is own and we work closely with our clients to make sure we help capture their vision.

  9. It doesn’t work for anyone, but I’m unapologetic about the way I decorate. I don’t entertain often, but my friends & family understand my tastes. BF & I found some provocative zombie-themed prints and display them in our small apartment bathroom. We usually get “ha! Wasn’t expecting that. Awesome.” The same will apply to boudoir photos: I’ll put them where it damn well pleases me.

  10. Since I do burlesque, we have a lot of photos of me performing, or of performers that I’ve taken photos of hanging on our walls. Since our families and friends all know that there WILL be semi nude pictures of me around the house, we’ve been able to deal with it nicely. They’re tasteful, but photos we want to hang. I think it’s totally OK to put boudoir photos up if YOU are comfortable with it, and if your family/friends won’t be scandalized.

  11. What about boudoir photos I took when I got engaged, but then subsequently got married and divorced? I have been proudly displaying them in the bedroom, and they’re kind of artsy, but now I’m merging pads with a new fella, and wondering if these photos have a place, or should they go … to … a friend? A consignment store? eBay?

  12. Hang a large poster size framed boudoir photo/canvas right in the master’s bedroom, directly visible from the bed. When you have guests or casual friends over who might want a house tour, including your bedroom, simply take the picture down. For close friends you want to show off to, leave it up. For teens/children in the house, prepare and rehearse your ‘talk’.

    Try and forget about about what “others may think” on these rare bedroom tour occasions. Instead concentrate more on what your spouse thinks about every day. Postponing joy by hiding the eye candy until that “special occasion day”, and then only displaying it IF they behave is cruel torture by a sexual gatekeeper. Give and you shall receive.

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