ICYMI: you can return Amazon items at Kohl’s and UPS Stores

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I’d heard about this a while ago and am realizing that it isn’t widely known yet: you can return Amazon items at your local Kohl’s and UPS Stores. They’ll package it and ship it back for you for FREE. I knew it was time for a signal boost…

I think we’re all pretty used to the concept of returning items we’ve purchased online, but it can often be a pain. I’m always relieved when a store will accept a return in person from an online purchase. In the case of Amazon, you don’t have to grab shipping materials and print out a form, you can just run over to the closest Kohl’s or UPS Store and they’ll do it all for you.

How to return Amazon items to Kohl’s or UPS:

Head to Amazon’s Online Return Center, click “Return Items,” and select the item you want to return. Amazon will ask you how you’d like to mail your return and you’ll choose UPS or Kohl’s as the drop-off location. You’ll receive a QR code to show the employee when you make the return. Not every item is eligible and you won’t see the Kohl’s/UPS option if your item isn’t included.

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