Dark Side of the dish soap

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This idea — dish soap in a decorative bottle with a bar pourer — was apparently Martha Stewart’s very first “good thing” — and it really Speak(s) to Me.

I saved this awesome Pink Floyd wine bottle and used it to replace the ugly plastic bottle of soap on our counter. The result is a real Eclipse of the former bottle.

The colours even tie in to our multi-coloured theme for the kitchen, eliminating any worry that there’d be an Us and Them battle between decor schemes. Don’t have a cool Pink Floyd wine bottle? Don’t worry — you can use any bottle, of Any Colour You Like.

And bonus: the bar pourer regulates the speed at which the soap flows (it takes more Time). So I ultimately use less than I did with the plastic bottle and save a bit of Money!

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  1. I totally thought this was going to be a post about how dish soap is bad for you in some way! So glad to find out that it is just a Pink Floyd reference. Your bottle is great. I use a had soap dispenser for my dish soap and also find that I use less than I used to.

  2. Wow I couldn’t trust myself with a glass bottle near the sink. I can’t count how many glasses I’ve broken – so much so that I relegate myself to plastic only. I’m sure there are some gorgeous plastic bottles to use, but until then I just store my dish soap under the sink. Less clutter!

  3. I have my dish soap in a tall, narrow port bottle from a nearby winery. The label has gotten wet, but hasn’t really run. I like it way better than the plastic bottle. 🙂

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