Bright and trippy cooking aids that will make your kitchen fun(ky)

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Ariel introduced me to Wanelo a few weeks ago — it’s basically like Pinterest, but actually has things you can BUY on there. So instead of spending a few hours “pinning” items that you’d own in your dream world, you can spend a few hours buying items you can have in your real life.

Searching for kids’ products will bring you endless delight: Wanelo has a huge collection of some of the wackiest products around. Behold the Head Chefs Kid’s Posable Silicone Utensils:

The link to purchase these is broken, but I dug each up on Amazon: here’s the Apricot spatula, Eggplant spoon, Lime wisk, Boysenberry turner, Blueberry pastry brush, and pink measuring cup.

The Wilton Silly Feet Reusable Baking Cups kind of slay me (and you can snag them here!):

This Ceramic Snack Set is the shit — yellow and green chickens (or chicken-esque creatures)? On ceramic cups? Be still my HEART. I couldn’t find it for sale on the site anymore, but did see it here:

Lego cutlery? Yes, please (get it here!):

Who needs a high chair (or any other kind of chair, really) when you could have… a kiddo-sized THRONE? Sadly this is the one exception to my “stuff you can actually BUY” statement — but the first person who builds one and sends me a DIY tutorial gets a high five!

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  1. So, the utensils with feet were featured on our wedding registry. Didn’t even think about kids, just how awesome they are! And they are awesome. Isaac will have fun cooking with them once he masters other skills. Like sitting up.

  2. Wow! When I’m broke (by my estimates in about 7 minutes), I’m so blaming offbeatmama. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly spend anymore time on the net…

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